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Fourteen simple tips to improve heart health in less than a month

We created a comprehensive plan with tips and motivation to get your heart healthier and keep it that way. It combines the many topics we posted over the years with the help of leading medical experts, nutritionists and personal trainers we frequently work with. Get inspired by simple to follow steps towards better health.

1. Know your numbers

Everybody should know how their blood pressure measures up. To do so correctly, you should measure your blood pressure frequently and at the same time of the day to build comprehensive history. It’s easy with QardioArm as it lets you set up reminders and take a reading anytime, anywhere.

Make sure to check our guide ”Blood pressure: What is normal blood pressure?” to learn more.

2. Get moving 

Active lifestyle benefits your heart and exercising regularly is important for your health! Be it a brisk walk each morning or a proper work out in the gym, staying fit is good for you. If you are looking for an inspiration, our #GetFitWithQardio video series includes simple moves to add to your routine. See all of them here:

3. Know your blood pressure throughout the day

That’s why doctors recommend measuring blood pressure at home and keeping a diary. Your annual check up number is just simply not enough to assess your heart health, but smart blood pressure monitors such as QardioArm make it easy. Trade up your old cuff for the convenience and style of QardioArm!

4. Manage your stress 

Stress takes a toll on your heart health and can affect your blood pressure levels at any age. Consider stress-management techniques. It can be relaxing through deep breathing exercises or high intensity interval training to knock stress out of your day.

5. Track your heart on the go

Do you know how your blood pressure changes in different locations? It’s common to experience higher blood pressure while traveling or in new locations. Keep an eye on your heart in different places and take an extra care while traveling. Don’t forget QardioArm allows you to assign a place to your reading for easy tracking. 

6. Set up an easy routine

Hypertension is a chronic conditions which means it’s with you for life. That doesn’t mean it cannot be managed. See how others found an effective way to stay on top of their health and use their tips to create an easy health routine for yourself.

Read ‘‘How QardioArm blood pressure monitor changed Rob’s life.”

7. Watch your salt intake

Even if you don’t add salt to your food every day, chances are you’re still eating far too much of it. The World Health Organization advises adults to consume less than 2g sodium (approx. 5g of salt) per day for a healthy heart. Reducing salt in your diet can lower your blood pressure naturally.

Read more about healthy salt intake in our guide ”Are you eating too much salt?”

8. Try the DASH diet

A simple way to lower your blood pressure naturally, all while eating many of the delicious foods you already enjoy! It encourages you to fill up on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, while minimising red meat, sugary goods, fats and sodium.

Learn about the benefits of The DASH diet.

9. Improve your sleep

Sleep effects your blood pressure too and getting the right amount of sleep is directly linked to your heart health. Get more tips on how to improve your sleeping habits with our guide ”Six ways to lower blood pressure naturally.”

10. Smarten up on carbs

Good news: not all carbs are bad for you! It doesn’t have to be boring to eat healthy. Read more about what healthy carbs you can add worry-free to your diet.

11. Learn about heart arrhythmias

There are many different types of heart rhythm abnormalities, but broadly they relate to whether the heart beats too fast, too slow, or in an irregular pattern. Early detection of heart rhythm abnormalities is crucial, because if left untreated they can lead to further health complications.

Check our guide ”Let’s talk about (abnormal) heart rhythm.’

12. Get fresh air

Did you know hiking has a great effect on your health? Not only does it get you moving which is beneficial to your heart but it also gets you out of city air and into nature which is good for your lungs as well as your mind! 

13. Drink more

Water is important for your overall health and is the best source of  hydration that your body needs. Water doesn’t contain any calories so replace it for sugary drinks and alcohol if you want to maintain a healthy weight. Drink an extra glass of water today! 

14. Discover superfoods

Have you heard of superfoods? This category of food is known to increase your ability to fight disease and make you feel great! Add some of these power foods to your diet by trying our ”Nine superfood recipes nutritionists love.”

Heart condition affects more that half of adults around the world. Get inspired with Qardio and try these tips to stay fit and healthy. Our smart heart devices make it easy to look after your health, keep your doctor in the loop between visits and be stylish at the same time. If you haven’t already discovered the health benefits of our products, find more information about QardioArm, our wireless blood pressure monitor, QardioBase,award-winning smart scale and body analyzer and QardioCore, the world’s first wearable ECG designed for an active lifestyle.

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