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Tracking your heart health with Apple Health

Track your heart health with Apple Health – integrate your heart health data in one place.

Everyone knows about Apple Health – the iOS app that helps you record a wide array of information about your health and wellness, integrating it all into a single place where you can track your health data and view how it changes over time.

The key to using Apple Health effectively is to be super selective about the health statistics you track – keeping a limited number of statistics about your health on the dashboard. Apple Health is capable of tracking so much information that you want it to be as easy to digest as possible. The dashboard should have only had key data such as weight, resting heart rate, or blood pressure.

Apple Health is great for supporting your doctor’s visits so you can supply the numbers your doctor typically takes his or herself, which makes your in-person consultations more effective.

You can connect a number of health and fitness apps to Apple Health, including the free Qardio App and it will import all your historical data, too.

How to connect the Qardio App with Apple Health

To connect the Qardio App to Apple Health:
1. Launch the Qardio App
2. Tap the “Q” in the upper left-hand corner bringing up the main menu
4. Turn on “Integrate with Apple Health”

That’s it! It’s that simple, now all your heart health data from your QardioArm and your QardioBase will automatically be synced with Apple Health. 

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