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How QardioArm helped radically lower Rick’s blood pressure

Rick was having a physical exam several weeks ago and knew on that morning that he had what he thought was an annoying cold and sinus infection. When he had his blood pressure measured, Rick expected the result to be around his normal 110/70. He was surprised to see it was elevated at 145/90, as well as alarmed as he had never had a reading that high. Get inspired by Rick Pogue’s story and learn how QardioArm, our smart blood pressure monitor, helped him lower his blood pressure and look after his health the smart way.


Further tests ruled out a cold or sinus infection and confirmed asthmatic bronchitis. Although Rick’s doctor attributed his elevated BP to the illness, he also warned him to keep an eye on his blood pressure, telling him “these results indicate you may be pre-hypertensive”.

Given his healthy, active lifestyle, this was a surprising revelation Rick did not want to hear. Rick was put on a course of medication to address bronchitis, which has now completely left his system. But of course, Rick didn’t want to go back to the doctor every week to have his blood pressure checked.

Enter Qardio

Rick started looking around for something to help him check and regularly monitor his blood pressure, and he discovered Qardio through a friend who praised how easy QardioArm is to travel with. 

Rick was convinced right away and immediately ordered QardioArm. He was incredibly impressed with how quickly Qardio helped him start monitoring his heart health. “I had it up and running in literal minutes. It is incredibly user-friendly in virtually every respect! I can’t say enough good things about it,” Rick tells us. 

Keeping an eye on his blood pressure

Most importantly, QardioArm has helped Rick regularly check and monitor his blood pressure, ensuring it is kept in a healthy range.

“I have checked every day since I got it, including this morning – and today’s reading  (representing the typical average for past 10 days) was 110/75.  Needless to say, I am a very happy camper!”

“I’m getting this!”

Rick is so thrilled that his friends are taking notice! “While talking to another friend about QardioArm he then goes onto his iPhone, pulls up the app, downloads just the app- and immediately says, “I’m getting this!”  You can’t make this stuff up! It’s all true,” Rick tells us. “Thank you for marrying 21st-century technology and healthcare and making it all so very user-friendly.  Keep up the good work! We need it!”

Thank you for sharing Rick! Stories like Rick’s are not uncommon – in today’s world, one in three adults lives with a chronic heart condition. That’s why we built Qardio – to change the future for millions around the world, with longer, healthier lives to enjoy! 

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