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How QardioArm gave a daughter peace of mind

There is nothing better than hearing stories from our users about how Qardio devices are helping many looking after their own health as well as the health of their loved ones around the world.

We recently heard Linda’s story, on how QardioArm, our smart blood pressure monitor, is helping her look after Everett, her father, and his heart health from afar. Using the free Qardio App, Linda was able to remotely monitor the health of her father, giving them both peace of mind and a convenient way to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

It is feedback like Linda’s that remind us of the importance of our products and what we do! This is the story she shared with us.

QardioArm blood pressure monitor in use“My dad is 92 years old and lives alone. I live in Illinois and he lives in New York. He had the traditional blood pressure machine that he was using. I did not like having to bother him everyday as to what was his readings.

When we saw the Qardio blood pressure monitor, we both got excited. At first we just thought it would be a “new toy” for dad to play with, but soon we realized that this was the perfect solution!

We recently purchased QardioArm for my dad. It was easy to use and dad actually had fun testing it.

I no longer have to bother him daily for his readings, and the blood pressure monitor is compact and very accurate. I also have the QardioArm and check and view his readings. Now in our daily chats we can talk about other things than “did you test today?”

He just loves it and uses it a couple of times a day. Thank you for developing such a great, compact and fun device – making life so much easier for all of us!

Best wishes Linda and Everett”

Thank you for sharing Linda! We are happy to know QardioArm has made life easier for you and your father.  If you have a story of your own, email us at

Wireless blood pressure monitor.
Track the health of your loved ones.
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