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Health monitoring system

Knowledge is power.

Introducing Qardio+, a comprehensive health monitoring system taking home health monitoring to the next level.


Track and share
important updates

Monthly detailed report provides month-over-month insight into your health.

Monitor medications

Add medication details including specific measurements, when/how to take medications, and more.

Manage daily activities

Weather and air pollution information showing environmental effects on your health.

Device replacement*

Replace your QardioArm device.
T&C apply.

Track and Share Important Updates

A health report is generated on a monthly basis that can be shared with healthcare providers, family members, or friends. Each blood pressure measurement is tracked and saved, creating a portfolio of data with tailored results specific to your health journey. Monthly detailed reports contain a variety of views of results and provide month-over-month insight into your health and habits as a comparison with previous periods.

Monitor medications

Manage your medications by adding medication details including specific measurements, when/how to take certain medications, and more. Create daily activities to help track consumption and measurements throughout the day.

Environmental factor tracking

The Qardio+ subscription provides insight into environmental elements, such as weather and air pollution insights. With this information, you can understand how these specific elements and environment affect your health in order to better manage daily activities.

Ready to get started?

Qardio+ annual subscription is available now for current QardioArm users on iOS* with the first two weeks free and a free QardioArm Case* worth $50. Take control of your health with Qardio+.

Monthly Subscription

$9.99 per month
First month free
($9.99 value)

Annual Subscription

First 2 months free
+ Free QardioArm Case*
($50 value)

*Subscriptions are only available to users with iOS version 15 or higher. Coming to Android soon.

Basic App
Qardio Profile
Blood Pressure Chart + History
Measurement Tracking
Share Data
Routine Reminders
Qardio Profile
Blood Pressure Chart + History
Measurement Tracking
Share Data
Routine Reminders
Detailed Month-Over-Month Results
Medication Monitoring + Tracking
Environmental Factor Insight
Device Replacement*
Free QardioArm Case (Annual Subscribers)*
Dedicated Customer Service

 * Please read our Terms and Conditions on this link

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