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Qardio and OBS Medical announce partnership

Qardio has partnered with OBS Medical, a world leader in predictive technology, to launch QardioMD+VSI.

QardioMD+VSI is a remote monitoring solution that combines the data from Qardio’s range of award winning and medically accurate wearables, with the Visensia® predictive algorithm. This combination allows clinicians to remotely review a patients’ vital signs in real time and to prioritise those patients according to the Visensia risk stratification algorithm – Visensia Safety Index (VSI).

Mark Prince, CEO, Qardio said: “The QardioMD platform has been developed to remotely collect and present multiple key vital signs. With the addition of the Visensia Safety Index, the power of Qardio’s suite of remote patient monitoring solutions is extended to include a predictive capability – a critical advantage to care providers and their patients, at a time when in-clinic visits present added risk or may not be practical.

“The option to track patient trends, with a predictive score, enables care providers to remain engaged, particularly with at-risk patient populations, under all conditions. QardioMD+VSI eliminates gaps presented by distance, restrictions, or capacity constraints – and positions care providers to make informed decisions”.

Simon Didcote, CEO, OBS Medical said: “We believe that this partnership is unique in its offering to care providers. It bridges the gap that has eluded so many wanting a remote monitoring solution that spans the continuum of care from hospital to home. The combination of continuous vital sign data and predictive analytics, allows for the earlier detection of instability and intervention, helping to improve outcomes for the patient and for the provider.

“Visensia’s predictive Safety Index algorithm depends on high quality, continuous patient data collection, and I’m pleased to partner with Qardio to offer customers this fully integrated solution to help in today’s current crisis, but also to cement the use of remote patient monitoring such as QardioMD + VSI as part of mainstream care provision”.

QardioMD+VSI enables doctors to monitor a patient’s condition using data such as heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure, all recorded remotely via QardioCore, QardioArm, and other compatible devices.

The VSI provides an aggregate score based on three or more of Qardio monitored vital signs. The VSI understands the correlation between vital signs and provides Clinicians with a single numerical index that represents the patients’ overall wellness. It has been clinically proven to provide over 6 hours advanced warning of critical instability when compared to standard methods currently used.

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About OBS Medical
OBS Medical is the global leader in the development of predictive algorithms for identifying critical instabilities in acute settings and emerging alternative treatment locations. We believe that, with the right technology and processes designed for both traditional and emerging locations, potential adverse events can be predicted and prevented.

Visensia analyses and interprets the combined patterns of up to five vital signs collected from existing bedside monitors and ambulatory devices or manually during routine observations to generate a single early-warning index; The Safety Index™.

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