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Qardio and AIMA announce a dynamic partnership

Qardio is pleased to announce that it has partnered with AIMA to provide enhanced financial solutions for medical practices that use Qardio’s virtual care solutions.

AIMA is a trusted leader in revenue cycle management solutions and has a proven track record of assisting healthcare practices in improving the financial performance of their practices.   

Many physician practices are overwhelmed by the billing and reimbursement processes associated with virtual care programs. Limited staff time is diverted from patient care and financial outcomes can be less than optimal. 

AIMA’s revenue cycle management solutions span the entire patient billing and payment process. AIMA will check patient eligibility, make accurate claims submissions and manage payment processing. Real-time analytics and regular reports provide unparalleled transparency into the program’s financial health. All funds are deposited into a dedicated bank account controlled by the practice. AIMA is paid by charging a percentage of collections, so AIMA only gets paid when the practice does. 

Qardio’s partnership with AIMA allows practices to improve operational efficiency, revenue cycle management and ultimately scale their virtual care programs. To learn more about implementing these solutions in your practice, speak with one of our experts today.

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