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Qardio and neoHealthTech support the NHS with remote monitoring

Qardio has partnered with neoHealthTech, a UK technology solutions provider, to supply the NHS with QardioCore, a wireless ECG monitor that enables remote patient monitoring.

The collaboration provides the QardioCore continuous Holter ECG monitor to GP practices across the UK. Doctors can receive a final report from a UK cardiologist 24 hours after the patient’s vitals have been recorded, allowing for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Mark Prince, Qardio, Inc., CEO said: “Qardio is pleased to partner with neoHealthTech to bring our unique ECG solution to the NHS. neoHealthTech’s demonstrated expertise in delivering new technologies to the NHS was a key factor in our decision.”

Amit Bhandari, Managing Director, neoHealthTech said: “This collaboration will provide the NHS with a new, reliable and effective solution for patients in need of a continuous ECG. Thanks to the unique capabilities of the Qardio solution, we can promise quicker turnaround of analysis so people get the diagnosis and treatment they need sooner.

“Remote monitoring has become significantly important and with time this may become part of daily life for vulnerable patients. The Qardio remote monitoring solution will provide an early warning score using a patient’s oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature, alongside their ECG.”

QardioCore provides three leads of continuous ECG data to detect and record atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias, and wirelessly relays the ECG trace in near real time. It uniquely has no wires or patches, and requires no skin preparation for patients. Waterproof and easy to wear, QardioCore enables patient compliance which contributes to high diagnostic yields and faster, effective diagnoses and interventions. It has been clinically validated to accurately record and analyse a patient’s overall heart performance so doctors and healthcare providers can access medically accurate data remotely.

neoHealthTech champions innovative technology to deliver quicker and cost effective diagnosis enabling rapid treatment, reduced anxiety and ultimately save patient lives. They work with healthcare organisations to help deliver value to their patients.

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