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Qardio announces patient video call consultations are now available with QardioMD. The fully integrated remote patient monitoring healthcare service.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. June 28, 2021 – Qardio, Inc. announced today that video call consultations are available with QardioMD, the remote patient monitoring service. QardioMD’s new telehealth solution enables healthcare providers to initiate video call consultations with their patients directly within the QardioMD provider portal. Qardio’s RPM service effectively replaces multiple apps or service platforms to provide a unified, streamlined workflow for clinicians, and single point of engagement with patients. The QardioMD video consultation feature allows healthcare professionals to treat more patients, and to provide more personalised care on a fully remote basis.

This new video call functionality extends Qardio’s remote patient monitoring service to a complete Telehealth remote monitoring service. Healthcare providers can deliver full 360 care for patients in a wide range of care modalities, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, or COVID-19 symptom management. As part of the fully integrated RPM healthcare service, care providers can send remote monitoring devices directly to the patient. Patients can measure blood pressure, heart rate, SpO2, temperature, blood glucose, weight, BMI, and body composition at home. The doctor provides remote care for patients and analyzes the data via QardioMD. Now, with the new video consultation feature, clinicians can schedule a video call to speak directly with the patient in real time about any measurements, concerns or changes to their health plan.

Qardio co-founder and CTO Rosario Iannella commented “This new feature will enable doctors and healthcare providers to make faster decisions and perform successful interventions via video consultation. Qardio provides a unified service to deliver remote, continuous, value-based care. Our design goal is to make care delivery faster and easier for providers and patients alike, and the integration of video consultations is a natural way to meet this goal.”

Qardio CEO Mark Prince added “This is a significant step forward to provide a full 360 service to healthcare providers. Telehealth and the ability to monitor and engage patients remotely via video call has never been more important. Qardio was one of the first companies to offer a connected health solution, and today our team has extended our leadership in the delivery of remote care.”

QardioMD is easily integrated with EHRs and other digital health platforms, and reports may be easily generated and exported in a single click. A cloud-based service by design, QardioMD video patient consultations extend the functionality of the Qardio RPM suite of services to enhance patient engagement.

About Qardio

Qardio is a health technology company that operates at the intersection of cardiology and remote monitoring. Qardio’s suite of solutions provide improved outcomes for care providers and their patients across a range of care modalities via improved workflows and diagnostic yields, reduced cost, and ease of use. Founded in 2012, Qardio’s primary mission is to improve outcomes for adults living with a chronic heart condition, through simplified monitoring and diagnosis. The QardioMD remote patient monitoring service is equally suited to primary care and to discrete applications in cardiology, bariatrics, diabetes, and the management of other chronic care conditions. Our award-winning solutions are available via medical channels and select consumer channels, to deliver the greatest impact. Learn more at

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