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The Power of Early Detection: Witness the incredible impact of the QardioArm

Witness the remarkable impact of the QardioArm as it detects and plays a crucial role in preventing a life-threatening condition, showcasing the true power of this innovative device.

The QardioArm has proven to be a life-saving device for many individuals, empowering them with valuable health information and leading to timely interventions. Jim Battistoni shares his experience, stating,

“The QardioArm helped diagnose a “widowmaker” heart condition, had I not become aware of the symptoms and insisted my doctor investigate even though I had passed a stress test and he assured me I was fine.
While performing an angioplasty, he discovered 94% blockage in my lower ascending aorta. He was surprised to find that condition and said the prognosis without intervention would not have been good. My Qardioarm now accompanies me to every workout, and my trainer is a believer in your product. I am 73 years old and, with your help, plan to live a number of more years —- with exercise, a good diet, and most importantly, with INFORMATION as to my body’s condition.”

The QardioArm has been instrumental in helping Denise Mahoney prevent a life-threatening condition, safeguarding her health and well-being.

“This tool saved my life, literally.  …I read the instructions, followed them perfectly and found out my BP was 240/120! … I continued taking it at different times of the day and evening, all with the same elevation. The strange thing is, I never had any symptoms! I called my physician and was told to bring my unit along so they could compare the readings with their unit, and interestingly, the readings from both units matched perfectly. My physician told me that is why they call it the “silent killer.” No symptoms to alert you something is wrong. I am currently on BP meds and just wanted to let you know I am forever in your debt and praise your unit to anyone who will listen!”

These testimonials reflect the profound impact of QardioArm in promoting proactive healthcare. By providing individuals with vital information about their bodies condition, our smart devices empower them to take charge of their well-being, make informed decisions, and seek appropriate medical interventions.

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