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QardioBase has the mode to meet your needs

Not everybody finds weighing themselves a pleasant experience. Whatever your objectives might be, reaching your goal can be a frustrating journey. That’s why we built a scale that gives you more options than any other scale on the market so you can stay focused, engaged and positive for the long run. QardioBase is as unique as you are, offering a truly personal experience. Here we explain the many ways QardioBase Smart Scale can be set up and used:

QardioBase has the mode to meet your needs - modeQardioBase has the mode to meet your needs - normal modeNormal mode

Weight management is an important part of effective health monitoring but did you know that understanding exactly what kind of pounds or kilos are coming on or off is equally relevant?

In normal mode, QardioBase measures not just your weight but also your full body composition, differentiating between your muscle and fat as well as bone and water percentage to give you deeper insights into your body. It also shows your weight in context by calculating BMI (body mass index), a number that adds height to the equation.

You can choose to view your measurement in your preferred units: pounds, kilograms or stones.

BMI gives your weight a context. Your body mass index number and range tell you if your weight is healthy given your height.

Full body composition
QardioBase’s sensors are able to distinguish between your individual body composition such as bone, muscle, fat and water, giving you deeper insights into your health.

Why would you need this mode?
Being able to analyze your body beyond weight has many benefits and has been well appreciated by fitness fans, professional athletes and those serious about their overall health. BMI tells you if your weight falls in the healthy range for your height and full body composition analysis lets you know yourself better. From tracking your hydration levels to checking on your progress towards leaner body, QardioBase gives you the tools to achieve better results the healthy way.

QardioBase has the mode to meet your needs - smart feedback modeQardioBase has the mode to meet your needs - smiley faceSmart feedback

Not everybody is brave enough to see their numbers. If you just started a new diet or are trying a healthier lifestyle, there is nothing more discouraging than seeing your weight zig zag up and down when you want to see improving results with each measurement. That’s why we invented SMART FEEDBACK. It accounts for daily weight fluctuation and rather than analyzing a short term trend, it evaluates your long term progress. It replaces numbers with smiley expressions to give feedback on how you’re doing rather than how much you weigh. Try it for a more positive, encouraging experience.

To set your QardioBase to SMART FEEDBACK, tap the MODE button in the upper left corner of the Qardio App. Select the mode and your goal. You can choose simple weight or one of the body composition units such as fat or muscle. You’re ready to go!

Smiley face
Smile Face will let you know you are making progress towards your goal based on your measurement history. So even if your last measurement went the wrong direction, if your history is trending towards your desired value, the scale will smile at you.

Neutral face
Neutral Face means no significant progress was made in either direction.

Sad face
Sad Face lets you know that you are moving away from your goal, based on several past measurements, not just the last one you have taken.

Why would you need this mode?
If you tend to abandon your resolutions after the first stumble, SMART FEEDBACK might just be what you need to stick to your plan. Daily weight fluctuation is common but it can be very demotivating. You shouldn’t give up your efforts just because weight management is not a straight-line game. If seeing inconsistent results is discouraging to you, give SMART FEEDBACK a go.

QardioBase has the mode to meet your needs - pregnancy modePregnancy mode

It’s been shown that healthy weight increases your chance of successful conception but did you know that monitoring your weight during pregnancy is equally important for both mom and baby? QardioBase helps expectant moms track their progress during this happy time and share their progress week by week, from conception to motherhood, with their healthcare provider. In this safe mode, where body composition analysis function is turned off, you can view your weight changes on a sliding scale and attach a picture of your baby’s sonogram or your growing baby bump for reference. These will surely come in handy once you are ready to get your pre-pregnancy body back!

Adding to the positive experience of motherhood, pregnancy mode allows you to display your results with SMART FEEDBACK, which will continuously show a smiley face to reward your weighing routine.

Why would you need this mode?
Understanding your changing body and being able to track your weight week by week and trimester helps you stay in control of your weight gain and gives better feedback to your health provider. With added photo library function, this mode allows you to reference your progress not just by numbers but also with relevant visuals of your bump should you choose to. It also helps you plan your post pregnancy loss.

Know your body.
Not just your weight.
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