Skip the gym this winter – try these fun seasonal sports instead

Skip the gym this winter – try these fun seasonal sports instead

Winter is upon us – the season for Santa, snow and sport. No, you didn’t misread that – we did say sport. Even the most well-intentioned and health conscious of us all might shy away from the chilly frost and outside activities but the winter outdoor fun during the cold season offer some great opportunities to enjoy ourselves amongst the snowflakes.

Stay winter fit
With all the festive temptations and treats, it might seem trickier than usual to stay our slim and trim selves over the holiday period. And if the thought of ‘pumping iron’ in the gym seems unappealing, it might be time to consider donning gloves and a hat, and braving the cold.

Fun in the snow
Skiing, snowboarding, sledding and skating – need we say more? The balance these sports require is a great way to tone up without resorting to endless rounds of sit ups and squats. What’s more, you wouldn’t believe how many calories they burn – so long as you don’t take too many hot chocolate breaks, you might even shed a few pounds.

Stroll outside
If you’re not feeling so adventurous, a stroll outside is enough to induce some positive health benefits: high snow walk gets your blood flowing, increases your hear rate and stretches your muscles. Plus the exposure to sunlight can help with regulating your sleep cycles. Unfortunately, in most places winter sunlight doesn’t have enough ultraviolet B for our skin to produce vitamin D, so make sure to include plenty of oily fish, meat and eggs in your diet.

Festive fun
Getting outside and enjoying some seasonal sports will not only help keep you fit this holiday, but is a great way to have some festive fun with the whole family – looking after your heart health together.

Keep track of your activities
And if you want to keep a track of your winter activities with ease, Qardio App can do just that. With convenient integrations to Apple Health for iOS users and S Health platform for Android, you can log it your fitness and health data automatically, getting deep insights into your wellbeing the smart way.

Last updated: October 4, 2018