Eight tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Eight tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Studies have shown that only eight percent of people stick to their set New Year’s resolution each year. Do you aspire to be one of them? Read our simple tips on how to set and achieve your fitness and health goals this year and see how  Qardio products can help you along the way.

Set realistic goals and write them down
Understanding what you want to achieve in the new year is the first step. It can be as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables or as specific as fitting into “those” favorite jeans again. Get as specific as you can, and get your goal down in writing – but be realistic. Setting goals that are unrealistic means you are likely to become discouraged if you don’t meet your expectations. It’s better to achieve success with several small steps over time than give up when large changes don’t happen quickly.

Get a smart start
It’s estimated that 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolution within the first 7 days of the New Year – meaning they only pursue them for less than one week! 
It’s always difficult to begin when making changes are involved, but ensuring you start 2018 smart can have a great effect on how you continue throughout the year.

For example, making the choice to eat healthy may seem like an easy task, however it’s important to define what you mean by ‘eat healthy’. Completely cutting carbs or fats from your diet is not entirely healthy and perhaps too drastic of a change, but defining a calorie-controlled and nutrient dense meal plan that works for you and you will enjoy long-term might be the right goal and a lot easier to stick to for longer.

Improve your fitness
Improving your fitness is a progressive process and should be taken in steps. Allow your body to advance slowly by increasing the difficulty and frequency of your workouts and exercises at a steady pace. Starting smart is crucial when it comes to fitness. Test your body with a beginner workout and continue to develop and adjust your workout as you improve, looking to challenge yourself progressively over time. Small steps create an aspiration for growth and seeing measured progress creates a motivation for you to continue your New Year goal.

Plan it out!
One in three people abandon their efforts by the end of January, with most citing the lack of time as the main reason. So before you mentally commit to your goal, do consider the time and effort needed and make a plan first. If reaching your goal requires a visit to the gym every day, while you haven’t been able to squeeze a workout in your busy life more that once a week in the past year, chances are such a goal is way too ambitious.

Aim for an achievable target and put it in your calendar. Blocking two mornings or evenings a week consistently for a regular workout will not only make it easier to plan your other activities around, but also creates a predictable routine to stick to. Good planning removes the excuse of being “too busy” and increases the odds of reaching your New Year goal.

Be patient
True progress takes time, and it is rarely linear! To meet your health and fitness goal, you need to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your goals will not be accomplished overnight. Be prepared for some bumps along the road and perhaps some unexpected detours too. But determination, consistency and patience will you through your journey and reward you with a great result!

Workout together
Don’t be afraid of seeking help and encouragement: a potential buddy with a similar objective is a great way to remain accountable and stay motivated. Finding someone who shares a similar goal as you for the New Year creates a shared ambition. Buddies are a great support system when you lack motivation and need that little push.

Use technology to guide you
Technology can also be your new best friend and support network in the New Year. Qardio devices such as QardioArm and QardioBase, which work seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet and technology like Apple Watch or other popular devices, can provide you with data that boosts your motivation via reminders and charts of your progress on your health and fitness journey.

Forgive yourself and keep going!
New Year resolutions often are abandoned at the first stumbling block. If you have a bad week and find yourself trading barre class for the bar each night, don’t give up! Let it be your motivation for the following week. Forgive yourself and put your focus on improving your self-control and discipline for the future. Be understanding and kind with yourself and maintain your plan, knowing you can still make progress and meet your goal.

Track your progress
Keeping track of your development and progress is great encouragement for the success of your New Year’s resolution. In this advancing technological world there are many services at your disposal that are designed to help you track your health and fitness improvement.

The free Qardio App is your digital diary of your health measurement history. It works with other apps, such as Apple Health for iOS users and Samsung Health for Android users, and even MyFitnessPal, to keep all your data in one place. Learn how tracking your nutrition with MyFitnessPal and your weight with QardioBase can help you achieve your goals here. These data aggregators make it easy to manage various devices including QardioArm and QardioBase and put collected data at your fingertips. They outline complex data on many different aspects of your health and put them in context for actionable feedback, setting you up for success in reaching your goals.

Qardio App works with Apple Watch so you can keep track of your achievements right on your wrist. Qardio device allowing for multiple users to enjoy one device, so you can easily involve your whole family in your plan and make it a group resolution to embark on a healthier path.

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Last updated: October 4, 2018

Eight tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions
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Eight tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions