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How QardioArm looked after my heart health over the holidays

Did you know that about 100 million Americans travel during the holidays each year? Traveling can be stressful and during this season it can be even more hectic as it is one of the busiest times of the year. Whether you are traveling for work, or on vacation with your family, monitoring your heart health while on the go can be crucial.

QardioArm makes taking your blood pressure on the go simple. Just pair your QardioArm with your smartphone and the free Qardio App and take your measurements wherever you go this holiday.

Perfect for everyday use
“We love the Qardio blood pressure cuff and app! It’s always accurate and gets used everyday. It’s easy, portable, and goes with us wherever we travel. Qardio is the best one on the market!”
– Ms. Bruce 5 Star Trustpilot review

The free Qardio companion app
With busy schedules, traveling across time zones and running to holiday parties, the Qardio App is a great tool to make sure you’re keeping your heart healthy throughout your trip. It will automatically upload each of your readings onto the app and you can set reminders to help you keep your health routine while vacationing.

“What a great device! Stores all your readings automatically; you can set reminders so you never forget; and it’s very compact in its box–easy to carry with you when you travel. It really is the one blood pressure device you will use every day!” – x0xox0 5 star App Store USA Review

Measure anytime, anywhere
QardioArm was designed to be discreet, compact and with a cuff doubling as a travel case. This makes it easy to measure your blood pressure on the plane, in a cab or at a relative’s house. It’s even small enough to add to your carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about checking it through and risk it getting lost.

“Love the compact size, ease of use and accuracy. As a constant traveler I find this perfect.” – Kiwi Nomad 5 star App Store USA review

Geo-locate your measurements
We’ve also incorporated a unique feature into QardioArm called PLACES that lets you geo-track your readings to compare your measurements across location and time. Everyone’s blood pressure fluctuates during the day and may change depending on activity or due to anxiety or stress. See how your heart behaves while on the plane, at a beach in Hawaii or at your parent’s house and compare with your regular readings at home.

“Great product, great battery life, easy to use and small size to carry on trip” – Chao 5 star Trustpilot Review

User friendly
Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean your health needs to take the back seat. QardioArm is the perfect travel companion for work or play. This smart blood pressure monitor will give you medically accurate readings from your hotel, cab, or even at the airport. Don’t forget to pack QardioArm with you next time you’re on the move.
Buy yours today!


Smart blood pressure monitor.
Measure anytime, anywhere.
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