How QardioArm changed the way I monitor my blood pressure

How QardioArm changed the way I monitor my blood pressure

I use it everyday
“How has Qardio changed the way I monitor my blood pressure for the better? With the old blood pressure cuff, I would check my blood pressure once a month, maybe. Qardio is so quick and easy that I use it every day.”
– Cigam_mai, 5 star App Store USA review

There are plenty of blood pressure cuffs that claim they are simple to use, but QardioArm truly makes taking your blood pressure easy. The free Qardio App lets you visualize each measurement history, making it seamless to see your progress. You can also set reminders so you never miss a measurement, even when you are busy on-the-go.

An invaluable tool
est tool. For 6 months I used my Qardio to record my Blood Pressure three times a day. I carried it on my travels, during my commute, and in the office. It was an invaluable tool!” – Farhad, 5 star TrustPilot review

Users and healthcare professionals agree that this technology is necessary for anyone with hypertension – and it’s a great device to own for anyone who needs a reliable way to take control of their heart health.

Used in Health eHeart Study by doctors
“I’ve been very impressed with the QardioArm device, which we are currently using in the Health eHeart Study.” – Dr. Mark Pletcher, UCSF

QardioArm works wirelessly with your iOS, Android or Kindle device. It has an elegant, compact design, that makes it extremely travel friendly.

I absolutely love it
“I have been using my QardioArm for over a year now and I absolutely love it. I have high blood pressure which I need to monitor throughout the day and QardioArm makes it so easy. It’s small enough to carry in my purse and it does all of the tracking on the app for me.” – Andee_P, 5 star Trustpilo review

Sharing data is very easy so you can keep your friends, family or health providers up to date with your health. This makes life easier for both you and your doctor!

Managing your health from the comfort of your own home
“A great addition to my everyday life! This is so easy to use and after only a week after using it I noticed that my blood pressure was a little high, so I emailed my doctor with the readouts, we had a chat on the phone & agreed the way forward. What a way of saving your doctors time and managing your health from the comfort of your own home!!”
– Alan Batup

Works with Apple Health
On top of all of this, QardioArm was the first medical device to support Apple Health and it has won several impressive awards that reflect its high quality and design, including the 2014 UX Award and 2014 Red Dot Award for its design.

With Qardio’s smart features revolutionizing the way we monitor our blood pressure, looking after your health has never been easier! QardioArm, the blood pressure cuff people actually use!

Last updated: May 11, 2017

How QardioArm changed the way I monitor my blood pressure
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How QardioArm changed the way I monitor my blood pressure