How QardioArm works for the visually impaired

How QardioArm works for the visually impaired

QardioArm is designed to improve heart health for everyone – blind and visually impaired included. Its unique features make it a smart blood pressure monitor you will actually love.

With cases of high blood pressure continuing to rise, it’s time for blood pressure checks to take priority. That’s why we created QardioArm: a smart blood pressure monitor. Easy to use, medically accurate, and allows you to take control of your heart health. This smart device has features you’ll enjoy using and will encourage more frequent blood pressure monitoring. This, in turn, allows more opportunities to detect abnormalities in blood pressure. 

Empowering you to take control of your health means we design smart technology that is all-inclusive.

“I am blind and so this product works well for me because my phone talks and therefore I can read my readings!” – Troy

QardioArm features for the visually impaired include:

Qardio App 

All our products are accessible for the visually impaired as the Qardio app has VoiceOver functionality built-in. This means for the QardioArm all screen information, from set up, taking measurements, and examining results is communicated with speech output. 

The QardioArm works absolutely fantastic! Even though I am blind, the app is fully voice-over accessible. I can also email my results to my doctor or just bring up my history on the screen. This unit works well for a blind person.” Michelle

Compact and portable

QardioArm’s portability means for those blind or visually impaired have access to measuring their blood pressure at home or out and about. The use of QardioArm at home aids in the control of high blood pressure by encouraging a home measurement regimen. You can create a routine that suits you and consistently track your blood pressure for more accurate results.

Simple to use 

This digital blood pressure monitor inflates, letting you know your measurements are being taken. It also deflates when the measurements have finished recording and then provides the values of your measurement automatically using the voice-over feature. QardioArm records medically accurate measurements which can be emailed straight to your doctor.

Ed Przybylek, a visually-impaired user shares his testimony of using QardioArm:

I purchased a QardioArm BPM and I downloaded and installed the Qardio app on my iPhone. I’m visually impaired and I’ve tried numerous blood pressure monitors in the past. Some or most of the functions provided by the monitors were not usable by someone without vision. In all cases, software provided with these monitors was marginally or completely inaccessible. 

If an app is written with VoiceOver in mind, an app can be completely accessible to the visually impaired. I don’t know if your software developers gave any consideration to accessibility when they wrote the QardioArm app but what they wrote is completely accessible. The user interface is very intuitive and every screen is easily read with VoiceOver. I was able to set up the app without any assistance, I have absolutely no problems taking a reading, I have no problem reviewing my results and I’ve already shared results with my physician directly from the app. The independence and privacy that your app provides are invaluable. You have my appreciation.”

QardioArm has multiple features to make it simple and easy for blind or visually impaired users to monitor their blood pressure. It’s sleek and functional, providing accessibility to blood pressure measurements. Learn more about QardioArm now and start taking control of your heart health.

Last updated: February 4, 2022