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How QardioBase 2 can help you reach your fitness goals

Whatever your health or fitness goals, QardioBase 2 can help you. Here are five of the best and easiest ways that QardioBase 2 and the Qardio App can help you reach your weight or fitness targets.

Set goals
When considering what your fitness goal is, make sure it’s SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). Rather than just deciding that you want to lose weight, pick a specific and attainable target to help you really focus in on what you want to achieve. Then you can set up this goal directly within the Qardio App. Setting your goal within the Qardio App also allows you to monitor your progress, without having to write anything down or work out any metrics yourself. Everything is done for you, in one secure and handy place.

Full body composition break down
As well as your weight measurements QardioBase 2 provides a full body composition breakdown of body fat, muscle, water and bone percentage, and BMI. Supplying you with detailed body composition numbers enables you to have a thorough view of how your hard work is impacting or changing your body. With just a standard weight metric you may see that you have put on weight, but with QardioBase 2’s break down it gives you insight into if this is due to muscle gain from working out rather than fat gain.

The Qardio App allows you to set reminders, giving you a nudge to remember to step on your scale. Whether this is a daily, weekly or bi-weekly occurrence, weighing yourself regularly allows you to properly monitor the changes your body is experiencing. With the Qardio App you can get this reminder straight to your smartphone to help you never miss a measurement. However, keeping variables and external factors consistent is key to your numbers being accurate. These can include the time and place you weigh yourself, what you’re wearing, if you have been to the toilet or eaten prior to stepping on your QardioBase 2.

Don’t focus on numbers
QardioBase 2 comes with a unique smart feedback mode. If you easily get demotivated when looking at your numbers, you can track your progress using smileys only. Based on your goal, the scale recognises if progress has been made and feeds back accordingly with a 🙂 or a 😐 to help give you positive reinforcement that you’re on track whilst taking away the pressure or feelings of anxiety that can be associated with seeing weight numbers on a scale.

Works with your favourite apps
QardioBase 2 and the Qardio App integrate with some of your favourite fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal. These integrations help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals by allowing you to track how your diet impacts your body. Having your diet, calorie, fitness, weight and body composition metrics all in one place allows you to thoroughly look at how the changes you are making to your lifestyle or fitness may be impacting your body.

Whatever your fitness goal QardioBase 2 is the perfect smart scale choice to help you achieve your aims. Access to several unique features, full body composition break down stats and integrations with some of your favourite fitness apps empower you to be more aware of your body to enable you to reach your goal.

Know your body.
Not just your weight.
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