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How QardioCore ECG helped with my heart arrhythmia

Leo, an interior designer and social influencer from Oslo, Norway has shared his story on how QardioCore, the ambulatory ECG monitor, helped him manage his heart condition and get back into the activities he really enjoyed doing.

“When I was a teenager I had always lived a very active lifestyle. I loved to go hiking, take long walks, dance hip hop, play tennis and many other sports. This was my way to stay healthy, be social and keep myself active.

As I grew up I started to feel weaker, which meant I had to cut down on a lot of the activities I enjoyed.  Then there was a day where I started to feel really bad and actually passed out. I was sent to the emergency room and I found out I had an unusual heart arrhythmia. From that point the doctor needed me to wear an ECG monitor to track my heart-rhythm. As I was opposed to wearing the traditional big ECG-devices, I needed something more discreet. That’s when I found QardioCore.

The QardioCore design is sleek and minimalistic. It is subtle and doesn’t have cables which makes it much easier to handle. Plus it connects with my iPhone and Apple Watch, which makes everything more convenient.  Due to the simplicity of QardioCore, I can wear it underneath my clothes without having any cables around my upper body. I look totally normal. QardioCore enabled me to go back to training again, go to boot camps, do sports, dance hip hop, go to social events and go back to work as normal. During all these activities, QardioCore tracks all my heart data and tracks it for a whole day, which I can then send to the doctor and discuss in my next appointment. At the appointment we look at the electrocardiogram alongside the notes I add within the app which adds context to my readings, and this really helps me and the doctor decide what to do next.

I never paid much attention to my heart. I thought all the symptoms; stress, tiredness, dizziness, feeling faint etc was something else. I never thought it could be my heart trying to tell me something, and that they were actually heart arrhythmia symptoms.  Whenever I feel a bit off, I can look at the app, look at the ECG and now I know what I need to do. There is no more guessing or risking not knowing when I have an ‘abnormal’ heartbeat. This allows me to focus on my job without worrying about my heart and work as normal; going to client meetings, or creating my designs in the office. 

My future wellness goals are to get healthier with my new fitness plan and workout at the gym more now I have peace of mind. Because of my condition, I have also started yoga, which is very relaxing and different kind of workout to what I’m used to. I am really looking forward to going hiking again and trying some new sports.”

Thank you to Leo for sharing his story with us! We love to hear how Qardio products make a difference to our customers’ lives. QardioCore helped Leo manage his unusual heart arrhythmia and allows him to enjoy all the activities he loves, worry-free because he has an ambulatory, ECG monitor.  If you would like to share your story with us, please email 

Wearable ECG monitor.
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