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QardioArm facts and stats

We have designed QardioArm to help you measure your blood pressure in the easiest way possible. Research studies, doctors, and users’ opinions show that QardioArm is more than a simple blood pressure monitor. Discover the top stats about QardioArm and monitoring your health from home.

You can also download the report here.

What science says…

Recent studies show QardioArm is 4 times more effective at lowering blood pressure than traditional blood pressure monitors.

Recommended by doctors, loved by users.

– 96% of customers recommend QardioArm.
– 97% say they enjoy measuring their blood pressure with QardioArm.
– 97% think QardioArm makes it easier to track their blood pressure.

What do people think about monitoring their heart health at home?

– 96% of healthcare professionals will encourage more patients to remotely monitor their health at home.
– 95% of healthcare professionals believe monitoring your health at home is important.
– 93% of people feel safer about having a blood pressure monitor at home.


New study shows QardioArm significantly improves heart health
Qardio unveils largest blood pressure monitor user survey insights
The results are in. Health at home is more important since COVID-19.

Smart blood pressure monitor.
Keep informed.
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