New study shows QardioArm significantly improves heart health

New study shows QardioArm significantly improves heart health

Qardio have recently conducted a study of 1750 QardioArm users which showed that the use of smart blood pressure (BP) devices leads to significant improvement in blood pressure management. Hypertensive users of QardioArm, a wireless blood pressure monitor that connects to an app, lowered their BP levels by 10.2 points over a six month period. This improvement in hypertension levels is 4 times greater than results achieved with traditional BP monitors. Read the full research paper here.

Hypertension is the biggest single contributor to global disease and mortality. Today, one in three adults lives with high blood pressure, making it the most commonly diagnosed condition in adults by primary care practitioners.

Qardio is known for bringing innovation to medical devices and health monitoring by designing a new generation of medical devices that boast a superior user experience, high patient engagement and unique design that makes health monitoring easy. See ourĀ recent user survey here.


We are proud to show Qardio innovative devices drive improved health. To read the full study click here.