“QardioArm simplified my mom’s life.” Esther, Florida

“QardioArm simplified my mom’s life.” Esther, Florida

“I bought QardioArm for my mom because she suffers from hypertension and she loved it. Qardio has simplified my mom’s life in so many ways:

  1. She doesn’t need to write her results anymore because all her results are saved in the application.
  2. She is able to take it everywhere with her because it’s small and it fits in her purse.
  3. And best of all, it’s elderly-friendly. It took her a couple of hours to learn how to use it.

Now I have the peace of mind she has good equipment that she can rely on reminding her to check her blood pressure from time to time, saving all her readings, and allowing her to add notes which she uses a lot and puts also her oxygen levels. This is a very good investment and the price is reasonable.

I couldn’t ask for a better machine.”

– Esther, Florida

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Last updated: January 29, 2021