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Why QardioArm is the perfect gift for every dad

Having trouble thinking of a gift for your dad this Father’s Day? Don’t get stuck the day before Father’s Day buying your dad a gift card, instead, buy QardioArm! QardioArm is the perfect gift for every dad. Qardio’s wireless blood pressure monitor is sure to be a hit among every type of dad this Father’s Day!

Tech dad
QardioArm is one of the most high-tech blood pressure monitors available. Every tech dad is sure to love this blood pressure monitor that allows you to sync your BP data right to your smartphone using the free Qardio App. Qardio’s secure cloud automatically saves all of your blood pressure readings and displays them in easy to read charts and graphs. Share your data automatically with friends and family using the in-app function or send your results to your doctor via email. QardioArm empowers you on your way towards better health.

Cool dad
If your dad loves new and stylish gadgets, then he’s sure to love QardioArm. Unlike traditional blood pressure monitors, QardioArm wireless BP monitor is stylish and discreet, seamlessly blending into a modern lifestyle. It is available in seven vibrant colors that match any style. QardioArm is the only BP monitor that does not look like a medical device, making it cool and enjoyable to use. Your dad is sure to love taking his blood pressure and keeping his heart healthy with this sleek device.

Traveller dad
Is your dad always on the go? Then QardioArm is the perfect gift this Father’s Day! QardioArm’s elegant and compact design means you can always have it by your side, using it anytime, anywhere. In fact, its unique function PLACES allows you to geo-track your readings across location as well as time. QardioArm’s revolutionary design makes it simple and convenient to have with you at all times. You can now even take a reading right from your wrist on Apple Watch. Use Qardio App to set reminders about medication and BP measurements. QardioArm makes taking your blood pressure on the go easy and enjoyable.

Health conscious dad
Whether your dad is a fitness fanatic, getting back into shape, or simply making health a priority, QardioArm will benefit him on each healthy journey.  QardioArm measures your systolic, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and has irregular heartbeat detection. View your blood pressure readings as a list or in a color-coded chart, and visualize them on the widely accepted World Health Organization graph. QardioArm is much easier to use than the old style cuff and pump, making your healthy journey more relaxing and enjoyable. Not to mention it is FDA approved and has won numerous awards for its design and accuracy.

Check Father’s Day gift shopping off your to-do list this year by ordering QardioArm. You’re not only helping your dad achieve a healthier lifestyle, but you could possibly be saving his life. Buy QardioArm here!

Post contributed by Natalie Cassidy: An avid health and fitness enthusiast. Natalie enjoys creating new healthy recipes and hitting the gym as often as possible. She believes that a healthy lifestyle leads to a happy lifestyle.

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