How to help dad have a healthy Father’s Day

How to help dad have a healthy Father’s Day

Father’s come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that’s for sure is we want every dad to feel special this Father’s day. So instead of sitting in front of the TV and feasting on sugary snacks, why not do something different to mark the occasion, and have an active Father’s Day!

Not only is being active essential for maintaining good heart health, it’s a great way to spend time as a family. Make this Father’s Day really special by taking whatever it is your father enjoys and turning into an opportunity to do something active. Here are some ideas from Qardio.

Trip down memory lane
If he’s a sentimental type then why not take him on a walk down memory lane. Whether it’s the beach, local playground, or view from a hilltop, plan a walking route that takes you back to a special time you’ve shared together.

Go for a walk
Walking is by far one of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes on your feet, and to know the direction in which you are heading. The American Heart Association suggests that we should all aim for 10,000 steps per day, which roughly equates to 5 miles of walking.

Be sporty
If he’s competitive then plan a day packed full of sports, and battle it out until a winner is decided. Why not grab a racket and head down to your local tennis courts. Tennis can be played at any age, and has a long list of amazing health benefits. To name a few, tennis burns body fat, increases cardiovascular fitness, builds stronger muscles and bones, and improves hand-eye coordination.

Fun at home
Alternatively, if you prefer to spend Father’s day at home, then turn your dining table into your very own state-of-the-art table tennis table. All you need is two bats, a ball, and some creative thinking to mark out the net. You could use something as simple as a long piece of string.

Outdoor adventures
If he’s an adventurer
then head outdoors in search of wild fruits and berries. Many local farms now offer you the chance to pick your own seasonal fruits at source. So whether it’s apples, strawberries, or blackberries, get out and give fruit picking a try. Not only are fruits the best way to keep sugary cravings at bay, fruit picking is great for finding out exactly where your food comes from, and it also helps to support local businesses.

Be cultural
If he loves art history then spend the day discovering what the local museums and exhibitions have to offer. You’ll be immersed in so much art and history that you won’t even notice how many stairs you’ve climbed, or steps you’ve taken.

Be Creative
If he’s creative then why not take on some Do-It-Yourself projects around the home. You could reupholster some old furniture to give them a chic new look. Or, you could get out into the garden to tidy up those overgrown weeds, tend to the lawn, and trim the hedges. Not only is DIY a fun way to pass the afternoon, but it has surprising health benefits. DIY busts stress and burns calories. Therefore, you’ll be rewarded for your creativity with a healthy mind and a healthy body.

So whatever it is you’ve planned for Father’s Day, Qardio challenges you to make it active! Remember, to take the smart and portable QardioArm with you so Dad can track his heart health over the course of your active day. Don’t have a device yet? Be heart smart and buy your QardioArm here!

Post contributed by Victoria Allan, a data scientist with a huge passion for heart health. Victoria researches the latest evidence on heart disease prevention, and keeps her own heart in good health by being active everyday.

Last updated: October 4, 2018

How to help dad have a healthy Father’s Day
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How to help dad have a healthy Father’s Day