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Ever heard of metafit?

Today, we’re exploring a different style of exercise that’s designed to have a positive impact on your heart health: Metafit (High Intensity Interval Training).  It’s the ultimate heart health exercise! 

Also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Metafit was created by a former UK Royal Marine Commando and combines bodyweight training with bursts of high intensity cardio to boost your metabolism and rapidly burn fat. Metafit is the ultimate heart-healthy exercise and is said to provide better protection against heart attacks compared to other slower, steady aerobic exercises such as jogging that are traditionally done for longer.

The typical Metafit class lasts for 30 minutes – enough time to push your body into an anaerobic zone, help you condition your heart and burn fat simultaneously. But don’t worry – it also intersperses regular gentle recovery periods in between all that lifting and running for you to catch your breath!

One of the biggest benefits of Metafit is that it’s actually an investment in your health – one session keeps your metabolism working rapidly for up to 24 hours, so you’ll still be burning fat while you’re relaxing later in the day.

Don’t forget to check your progress with QardioBase, the wireless smart scale and body analyzer that smiles at you when you are on track.

What are some of your favorite exercise to improve heart health?  Share with us on Facebook and Tweet at us @getqardio #metafit, #hearthealth

Know your body.
Not just your weight.
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