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10 cabin bag essentials for jet-set women

Forget in-flight exhaustion – it’s super easy to have a comfortable flight this travel season with Qardio’s 10 cabin bag essentials for the frequent flyer!

A large cashmere scarf and cashmere socks
A big, cosy scarf can double up as a blanket on the flight, and cashmere socks will protect your feet against the cold temperatures on board

A leather travel envelope
This will help you keep all documents handy on board and can also serve as an evening clutch to match your outfit at dinner

Shades help to hide your sleepy eyes at the end of your journey and will also add some glamour to your outfit

An eye mask
A great eye mask is the perfect accessory for a tiring flight – making it much easier to fall asleep when it’s time to take an in-flight nap

Magazines make great entertainment for take-off and landing (when you have to turn your electronics off). You can always leave magazines on the plane if they’re too heavy to carry with you

Trial sized make-up and moisturizer
Cabin air is notoriously dry, so it might be useful to carry trial sizes of moisturiser and make-up to top up every few hours and keep you looking your best!

High end noise cancelling in-ear headphones
In-ear headphones make it much easier to enjoy the in-flight movie – and they can also act as earplugs when you’re trying to sleep, blocking out all surrounding noise

Smartphone charger
Many aircrafts now have USB ports – so you can keep your battery charged, ready for use upon landing!

Low dose aspirin
When you’re flying long-haul, your lack of movement over several hours means you’re much more vulnerable to developing a blood clot. Taking a low dose of aspirin is a great way to combat this.

QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
Your QardioArm travels! This is a great opportunity to use PLACES, which will allow you to compare your blood pressure levels during your vacation with those normally taken at home.

Tell us all about your travel adventures! You can reach us at and @getqardio

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