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How to use FSA/HSA debit card to purchase a health monitor

If your current employer offers a health plan with the option to enroll in an FSA or HSA account, you might be curious about what the benefits are and how to use them. You are not alone, more than 40 million Americans are estimated to have an FSA or HSA account with many great benefits you should know about.

What is an FSA or HSA debit card?

FSA and HSA accounts are both tax-advantaged accounts that allow their holders to save money on qualified medical expenses. Although they differ in any way, they both have debit cards their holder can use to pay for medical expenses including many products and services.

“Medical care” expenses as defined by IRS Code, Section 213(d) includes amounts paid for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease, and for treatments affecting any part or function of the body. The expenses must be to alleviate or prevent a physical defect or illness. Expenses that are merely beneficial to one’s general health (for example, vacations) are not expenses for medical care.

What can I purchase with an FSA/HSA debit card?

Although you should always consult your health coverage provider or the IRS for the most up-to-date list of eligible items, many allow you to reimburse yourself not only for items for you but also for your spouse and children. In general, both include common expenses to treat and prevent illness such as cold and allergy medicine, pain killers, and blood pressure monitors.

What Qardio devices can I purchase using an FSA/HSA card?

The QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is fully reimbursable through an FSA, HSA, or HRA. Not only does your FSA or HSA account let you purchase it with your pre-tax dollar, but QardioArm also makes it easy to share your BP history with your doctor via email or the QardioMD platform, further saving you co-pay money and time by eliminating the need for frequent doctor’s visits.

The QardioBase Smart Scale and Body Analyzer is not FSA eligible, but if a doctor recommends the use of this scale to assist in the treatment for a legitimate medical condition such as obesity, it could be eligible with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a physician. This letter must outline how an account holder’s need for help relates to their medical condition, necessitates the use of a smart scale, and how the item will be used to alleviate the issue.

If you have an FSA account, don’t forget its “use it or lose” perk: the unused balance is forfeited at the end of the year and cannot be carried forward. See how QardioArm could benefit you or your spouse and don’t wait until the last minute to start looking after what matters the most: your health.

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