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Better understand your health with Qardio+

Keeping track of your blood pressure can help you better understand your health, specifically hypertension. With an at-home monitor, users can diagnose their condition earlier, understand how their treatment is impacting their health, and offer control. If unproperly treated, hypertension can lead to cardiovascular disease, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke,
kidney disease, or heart failure.

Qardio is proud to introduce its newest subscription, Qardio+, a truly comprehensive health monitoring system.

Designed to be used with the QardioArm blood pressure monitor, Qardio+ uses innovative health and wellness technology, to ensure the best possible results. Easily and conveniently track and share important updates, monitor meditations, track environmental factors, and more with Qardio+.

How Qardio+ can help track progress

Each month, a detailed health report is provided that can be shared with health care providers, family members, or friends. Blood pressure measurements taken throughout the month are tracked and saved, creating a detailed portfolio of your personal health data. The monthly reports can conveniently be viewed at any time, eliminating the need for a health journal or notebook, and contain a variety of views of results while providing month-over-month insight into your health and habits.

Not only does the Qardio+ subscription provide insight into blood pressure measurements, but the subscription also allows users to monitor their daily medications. Easily track medication consumption by adding medication details, such as specific measurements, when/how to take certain medications, and more into the app. In addition, the daily activities feature ensures easy tracking of medication consumption and measurements throughout the day.

What else does Qardio+ track?

Environmental elements, such as weather and air pollution, can greatly impact health. The Qardio+ subscription collects insight into these factors, offering an added level of insight and understanding of how these specific elements and the environment affect your health and better manage daily activities.

If you’re looking for a precise way to monitor your blood pressure, get started with Qardio+ with a free 30-day subscription*. Visit Qardio+ page.

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