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The newly released Apple Health report confirms the value of Qardio & the Apple Health App

Apple recently released its July 2022 health report titled, “Empowering people to live a healthier day” which illustrated Apple’s desire to encourage people to take control of their health journey. Read more about how both of these apps work together with Qardio products to give you the best personal health monitoring experience no matter when and where you need it.

A snapshot of Apple’s Health Report + Qardio

The Apple Health app, allowing users to track over 150 different types of health data from their iPhone, Apple Watch, and connected third-party apps like the Qardio app, promotes both healthier lifestyles and innovation in science. The report found that now, more than ever, their users are taking control of their health and benefitting from this useful technology. These apps display real-time data to allow you to keep track of your health, set and monitor goals and have all this important information accessible right at your fingertips.

The easy-to-access, real-time data allows you to share the most accurate information with healthcare providers to receive relevant treatments, call out changes or patterns, and contribute to advancements in how healthcare providers are treating health concerns. Combining the power of knowledge, important data tracking, and accessibility of both the Qardio app and The Apple Health app, means a healthier future to come.

How Apple Health and Qardio App work together

With the power of the Qardio app and the Apple Health app synthesized, it has never been easier to know your body and access personalized health reports with a single click. The Apple Health app and the Qardio app are integrated together to enable you to monitor and share your blood pressure, weight, and other health data.

If you have already been using other blood pressure monitors to track your health, it is now even easier to start using QardioArm, as it will deliver your readings right to the Qardio app for additional convenience and accuracy.

Utilize all the health tracking features of the Apple Health app like sleep, menstrual tracking, fitness, and more in conjunction with the Qardio app’s recordings of your QardioArm and QardioBase X readings to have an entirely comprehensive health report whenever you need it, and ready to reference with family or healthcare provides with a few simple clicks. Monitoring and creating the best health journey has never been simpler.

How technology and health apps can help empower people

Health apps like the Apple Health app and the Qardio app are backed by rigorous scientific validation processes to ensure clinicians’ expertise is a key part of the software development process. This gives you and other users the most accurate health information in the easily accessible apps, on the go, and 24 hours a day. Having this knowledge is not only empowering but gives you the chance to be the best self-advocate.

With health data being extremely personal, privacy is also an important aspect of how these apps are empowering. Knowing that your data is secure in the Apple Health app and Qardio app allows you to have peace of mind that your privacy is protected when using these personalized, regularly updated features. Using the various tracking features allows you to live your best, healthiest life.

How Qardio products paired with the Qardio App allow users to track and monitor their health

When used to track measurements from QardioArm and QardioBase X Smart Scale, the Qardio app illustrates a comprehensive look into health stats and also gives you a place to track all this information that can otherwise become overwhelming. Not only does it give you a place to monitor blood pressure information, but the Qardio app also notifies you of QardioArm readings of irregular heartbeat and is equipped with geo-tracking to let you know where measurements took place, as well as provide reminders and note features to ensure you never miss a beat.

The thorough, triple measurement average for each QardioArm reading ensures the data within the Qardio app is as accurate and helpful for monitoring important health changes. Receive notifications of body composition changes and ensure the most personalized experience with the QardioBase X. Choosing the appropriate mode such as Pregnancy Mode, Athlete Mode, and multiple user mode allows readings recorded in the Qardio app to reflect your current health statistics as closely as possible.

Whatever your personal health goals are, using the integrated power of both the Apple Health app and the Qardio app guarantees all the knowledge needed to kickstart your health journey by empowering you to live a healthier day. Be sure to download the Qardio app to use in conjunction with your Qardio products, and turn on integration with Apple Health in the settings on your phone.

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