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Why QardioBase wireless smart scale is the ideal partner to Mike

Mike Niemirski recently shared his story with us, explaining how QardioBase, our wireless smart scale and body analyzer, helped him not only lose weight but also find a way to adjust his lifestyle to get sustainable results. Below he shares his insightful feedback with us.

“QardioBase has been a huge partner to me and is now also beginning to be for a few friends because of a few simple things.”

Mike decided to make lifestyle changes that he would be able to stick to long term and used QardioBase to help him understand the impact of his choices and track his weight loss the smart way. These are the QardioBase qualities he liked the most:

QardioBase last measurementQardioBase made it easy to track results
QardioBase recognizes each user and syncs their data automatically to the free Qardio App where you can view your complete history, chart your progress and set goals easily.

“The smart scale tracks my progress so I don’t need to remember what I weighed in, where I was a week, or even a month prior and it helps adjust my goals.”

QardioBase helped me plan my meals better
QardioBase accurately measures not only weight and BMI but also analyzes your body fat, muscle mass, water and bone composition. The body composition analyzer is a great way to see what is happening with your body and if you are shedding that stubborn fat and building muscle.

QardioBase helps me adjust my weekly meals according to body fat gain or loss and how I felt during workouts.”

QardioBase weight measurementQardioBase motivated me towards my goal
QardioBase is the only scale to offer Smart Feedback – even those who hate scales will love QardioBase! Smart Feedback lets you swap numbers for smileys which displays your long term progress and forgives those temporarily setbacks. The app still logs each of your measurements and gives you great feedback on your progress with graphs and charts.

“QardioBase is a great motivator and especially after my last weigh in and graph it made me feel great seeing the chart head down and not really elevate. Overall a phenomenal purchase. It’s a huge partner for me in my journey and I am very satisfied with how it’s helping me reach my goals.”

Thank you for sharing your story Mike and congratulations on your weight loss so far!

If you have a story of your own, email us at

Know your body.
Not just your weight.
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