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Qardio launches next-generation 12-metric smart scale: QardioBase X

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. June 15, 2022 – Qardio, Inc. announced today that its next-generation 12 metric smart scale, QardioBase X, is now available.

QardioBase X has more in-depth analysis than ever before. With a wide range of body composition metrics including body fat, bone and muscle composition, water composition, metabolic age, BMR (basal metabolic rate), subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, protein, fat-free body weight and BMI, this smart scale makes a breakthrough in connected healthcare.

Following the success of the latest additions QardioTemp forehead thermometer and QardioSpO2 pulse oximeter, QardioBase X is the perfect addition for a complete health monitoring solution. Designed for everyone on their health journey, whether to lose weight, gain weight or become a healthier individual, QardioBase X has easy charts, goals and trends for users to follow. It has several unique features including Athlete and Pregnancy mode and data sharing options allowing users to follow and support their family’s and friend’s progress.

Qardio co-founder and CTO Rosario Iannella commented: “This new smart scale is not just your average weighing scale. It gives users the insight and data they need to take control and make healthier choices. All metrics are tracked on user’s phones, with analysis, goal tracking, reminders and the ability for users to connect with their physicians, helping them to reach their health goals.”

Qardio CEO Mike Alvarez added: “We are excited to launch our new 12-metric body composition wireless scale. It is a significant step forward to provide users with the scale and data analysis necessary to make weight management goals a reality.

QardioBase X can be set up in seconds and allows up to 8 users to be connected. QardioBase X pairs with the free Qardio App for iOS and Android and works with Samsung Health as well as Apple Health. It works alongside Qardio’s other medical devices, QardioArm, wireless blood pressure monitor, QardioTemp, forehead thermometer and QardioSpO2, pulse oximeter.

QardioBase X is available to here.

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