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Six tips to stay healthy on vacation

Aren’t vacations just amazing? Sunshine. Adventure. Time to breathe and feel alive. Unfortunately, all the eating out and too many mojitos can leave you feeling bloated and less than wonderful on your return.

Fear not! With our 6 simple tips you can make sure your next holiday doesn’t throw you off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. Instead, you’ll come back with a healthy glow second to none.

Give yourself a fresh start
When you go from having healthy home cooked meals to eating out every day, you’re more likely to start consuming more than your healthy dose of salt, sugar and saturated fats. Help your body by starting your day with a glass of lukewarm water. Health bloggers swear by squeezing in half a lemon or adding a spoon of apple cider vinegar to help digestion – give it a try!

No gym, no problem
Most people struggle with doing exercise on holiday, especially if you usually exercise at the gym. But you don’t need a gym to break a sweat. Pack your running shoes and go for an early morning run – there’s no better way to get a glimpse of local life, explore a new place and pick up some fresh fruit for breakfast. Use to find routes recommended by locals. Some of our other favorite gym-less activities include swimming, yoga and exercises that use your own body weight – super convenient and easy to do.

Stay hydrated
The easiest health hack in the world. Staying well hydrated will help you manage the effects of that extra glass of wine and the change of routine, which could lead to dehydration. Aim for around 2 litres a day and ensure you sip frequently.

Prepare your own snacks
This one is for the more dedicated – put in the effort to prepare healthy snacks to take with you. Sugar-free granola bars, energy balls and protein bars all travel really well and are great to have to hand when hunger kicks in. Hardcore healthistas even take their own salads to have on the plane – beats any airplane meal hands down! Just beware of taking dips and dressings as they may be confiscated by airport staff when you go through security.

Research local healthy spots
From cold-pressed juices to organic salad bars, the healthy lifestyle trend is spreading well beyond the borders of your home country. Do some research on local healthy food spots before you head off and highlight routes to places near your hotel and other key tourist spots. And even if you haven’t done your prep, you can always ask your hotel concierge to help out.

Find balance
Remember what maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about – balance. Try to make good food choices when you can, but also leave room for adventure. A good holiday is all about new experiences and food is such a great way to take a peek into the local culture.

What are your favorite tips to stay healthy while traveling? Let us know at or @getqardio.

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