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How Amy became a QardioArm fan for life

Amy Arndt, a QardioArm user, wrote to us about how QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor helped her manage her blood pressure and was the wake-up call she needed to get her health back in order. Here is her story:

History of high blood pressure

“For years, I was in denial about my health. I didn’t manage stress well and was often fatigued and felt “off,” but I chalked it up to being over 40. I exercised somewhat regularly and paid attention to my food intake, but I have been overweight since before the birth of my daughter. When you have a 15-year-old and you still blame your size on baby weight, you know you have a problem!

My blood pressure was always high whenever I made it to a check-up and I was instructed to check my blood pressure at home, but never followed through. Denial, denial.”

Purchased QardioArm

“In 2018, I switched to a new primary care physician who after seeing my high blood pressure, recommended that I purchase a QardioArm and monitor my blood pressure for a few weeks. I ordered one online and when it arrived, the set-up was extremely easy. My early readings indicated I was easily in the Grade 3 Hypertension zone.

During that same time period, I was diagnosed with strep throat, and though I was on antibiotics to treat it, it didn’t get better. It was becoming more obvious to me that something bigger was wrong with me. By April, I was admitted to the hospital with complications from the strep which typically would have required surgery, but my very high blood pressure made it too dangerous to operate. In addition to hypertension, I was also diagnosed with diabetes.

It was a very scary time, and those days in the hospital were a stark reminder that I’d avoided dealing with my health for far too long.

Thanks to QardioArm, I was able to share details of my recent blood pressure history with the hospital staff, and by the time I was discharged a week later, my numbers were in a safe range.”

A healthier future

“Since that time, I measure my blood pressure every morning when I wake up, and every night before I go to bed. I’m thrilled to say I’m out of the red and into the green zone. I bounce out of bed at 6am where in the past, I would stay in bed as long as possible, always feeling terrible and fatigued. Now, I exercise each day and I’m eating delicious plant-based meals. While my blood pressure and diabetes are currently controlled by medications, my goal is to reverse my health conditions and come off of medications when the time is right. I’m already well on my way to that goal and I feel incredible!

I’m forever thankful to QardioArm for providing me with a device that makes checking my blood pressure easy, and storing that life-saving data is simply priceless. I’m a fan for life!”

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your story, Amy! We’re thrilled you’re well on your way to recovery.

We love receiving feedback from our users and stories like yours are the ones that keep us motivated to bring better, smarter solutions to users and doctors around the world!

If you have a story of your own, email us at

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