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6 ways to improve your heart health during the pandemic

Since the beginning of 2020, our lives have changed dramatically. We put aside many of our habits to adapt to a new lifestyle. However, this phenomenon has often led us to adopt habits that are not healthy for our hearts. The pandemic has to be seen as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves physically and mentally. This time, we present 6 tips to strengthen your heart during the pandemic.

1. 30-60 minute walk every day

Going outside for a walk every day is the easiest way to stay active. It helps us burn calories, circulate our blood through our bodies, and clear our minds. According to the Australian Heart Foundation, maintaining a daily exercise schedule can help us reduce the risk of heart disease by 35%.

2. Keep high hygiene standards

We constantly hear the importance of washing our hands to remove germs and avoid contracting a disease. Maintaining high standards of hygiene also includes dental and body hygiene. This is why we should always brush our teeth every day and bathe regularly. According to Harvard Health Publishing, hot water baths lower our blood pressure and reduce the chances of getting a stroke by 26%.

3. Focus on your hobbies

Stress and anxiety contribute to high blood pressure. A study from Kings College of London revealed that 26% of the participants presented severe symptoms of anxiety and stress during the pandemic. One way to avoid these mental states is to focus on activities we enjoy. In this way, our mind is busy and happy. A happy mind is a happy heart.

4. Stay close to your friends and family

The human being is a species that moves in herds. Socializing is in our DNA, but it’s easy to feel isolated during a pandemic. The restrictions imposed by health organizations and governments prevent us from gathering together in large numbers. This is how hyperconnectivity and technology can become our best allies. Regular phone calls and video calls to our family and friends help make us feel less alone and fill us with happiness, which improves our mood, and strengthens our mental and cardiovascular health.

5. Keep an eye on your diet

Having changed our lifestyle also meant changing our diets. Spending more time at home can lead to eating more unhealthy food, larger portions, and more snacking, increasing our calorie intake. It is recommended to evaluate the composition of our daily diets to avoid increasing our daily food intake and falling into unhealthy consumption patterns. For more information, consult with your doctor.

6. Visit your cardiologist and measure your blood pressure

Every now and then it is recommended to check your heart health. Using a remote blood pressure monitor can help you and your doctor know the status of your heart and detect any anomalies. Measuring your blood pressure can help you prevent heart diseases. QardioArm is a smart blood pressure monitor that allows you to take measurements and send the results instantly to your doctor. It is portable and easy to use, so you don’t need to visit the doctor’s office.

You can also download the guide here.

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