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How QardioArm can help manage dad’s blood pressure condition

How often do you worry about your father checking his blood pressure? High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects 60% of men over the age of 65, and is a risk factor for many other health problems such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney disease.

Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor blood pressure. While eating healthy, working out, not smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption help lower the risk of developing high blood pressure, once hypertension has been diagnosed, it’s likely to stay for life and so is the need to monitor it to keep it in check.

Thankfully, the smart blood pressure monitor QardioArm makes BP monitoring easy through the convenience of a smartphone or tablet and has some great functionalities that allow you to know when your father checks his blood pressure and what his numbers are. Here are the features you should know about and that will help you look after your dad’s heart easily.

Manage dad's blood pressure - WHO chartSimplicity and ease of use
QardioArm is very simple to use and connecting the QardioArm to the smartphone or tablet takes less than a minute. Once you pair it with the phone, just tap the big green START button and each measurement syncs to the app automatically. Even if your father is not tech savvy, he will be able to operate the QardioArm with ease.

Understand what the numbers actually mean
Qardio App doesn’t just provide numbers, it also includes visual feedback on what the measurement results actually mean for your health. Qardio App pins each each measurement on the color-coded World Health Organization chart for an easy-to-understand interpretation so you know if your blood pressure is healthy or not and can act on it quickly.

Manage dad's blood pressure - friends and family featureTrack signs of irregularities
QardioArm is the only blood pressure monitor that keeps track of irregular heartbeats detected during measurements. Irregular heartbeat can signal further heart problems such as atrial fibrillation, a very common heart arrhythmia that may lead to stroke, so keeping an eye on the frequency of irregular heartbeats during your measurements can be a live-saving exercise.

Share data with others automatically
You can download the free Qardio App on your smartphone or tablet, and use the in-app function to view your dad’s readings in the app’s “friends and family” folder once he gives you permission to do so. You can even enable notifications so you’ll know when your dad takes a measurement.

Enable notifications
Enable notifications so that you know whenever your father has taken a measurement. View notifications on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. The free Qardio App is integrated with Apple Health and Samsung Health and supports iOS, Android and Kindle. QardioArm supports Apple Watch and Android Wear, so checking on your father’s blood pressure is as easy as checking the time.

Manage dad's blood pressure - set up remindersSet up reminders
Qardio App lets you set up reminders so you can create a routine that fits your daily schedule while monitoring blood pressure frequently and at consistent times. The app allows for multiple reminders so you can still enjoy your late morning on the weekend while not forgetting to measure on your busy work days.

Send results via email
While the “friends and family” feature is perfect for viewing your father’s results, he can also send his measurement result history to his doctor via email. This allows his caregiver to have regular updates on your father’s heart health between visits while saving your dad time on routine visits.

QardioArm allows you to care for your father anytime, anywhere. The blood pressure cuff is not only easy to use and portable, but also full of clever features to track changes to your heart health the smart way!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Blood Pressure UK

Smart BP monitor.
Track your loved ones heart health.
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