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A heart-healthy dinner for every day of the week

High blood pressure is a common condition that can increase the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. One of the contributing factors to high blood pressure is a diet high in saturated and trans fats. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for overall health and well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate a low-fat diet with lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into your diet. This can help reduce cholesterol levels, improve digestion, and promote satiety, which can help manage weight. As well as reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a significant risk factor for heart disease.

We have collaborated with The Heart Health Dietitian – Veronica Rouse, MAN, RD, CDE – to create a 7-day dinner meal plan. This meal plan includes a variety of healthy and delicious recipes, including tofu bolognese, fish cakes, wraps, and more. These meals are easy to prepare and delicious. They are also high in fiber and low in fat, making them an excellent choice for individuals looking to improve their heart health. 

In addition to the recipes, we have included a summary of the significance of particular ingredients in the meals, which is beneficial for those with high blood pressure—providing a better understanding of why Veronica Rouse selected these meals for you to add to your diet. 

Include the 7-day dinner meal plan into your weekly routine to help you start making healthy eating a part of your daily life. Download the meal plan here. 

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