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Heart healthy family fun

In June, many countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day. Whether you are celebrating the holiday or not, it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with your Dad. Let us help you to plan a special day for your Father that will not only show him how much you care for him, but also how much you care for his heart health. From a delicious heart healthy cookout to a leisurely hike, there are plenty of ways to spend some special time with your Dad and family while doing something good for the heart.

Get outside
Taking your dad or the kids for a weekend hike is a great way to spend time together while getting in some exercise. The fun of hiking is a great way to burn calories. At a leisurely pace of 2 miles per hour, a 150-pound person burns approximately 240 calories per hour. Regular exercise, such as hiking, reduces your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

That time spent outside will also give you your daily dose of Vitamin D, an essential nutrient that keeps your muscles and bones strong. Hiking isn’t just good for your body; it refreshes your mind. Research shows that spending time outdoors increases attention span and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent. So an afternoon on the trails with your dad will not only provide for uninterrupted quality time, it will be a boost to his heart health as well.

FishingGo fishing
Fishing is a perfect low-stress, low-impact activity that will keep you moving for hours. Walking to your favourite fishing spot can get your heart rate up before you spend the day de-stressing by the water.

While you might think fishing is a sedentary activity, deep sea and big bass fishing provide a good workout when reeling in your catch. If you decide to keep what you catch and serve it up for dinner you’ll be dishing out omega-3s to promote heart health.

skewersGrill up some greens
After working up an appetite with a full day of outdoor activities, reward yourself and your Dad with a delicious heart healthy cookout. Father’s Day has long become associated with outdoor grilling, and there are plenty of ways you can turn the holiday barbecue into a healthy feast. Try some of our tips below.

    • Adding grilled veggies is a great option for more color and taste. You can make kebabs, using half meat and vegetables to satisfy both your body and your cravings. Try loading them up with cherry tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, yellow peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash.
    • Swap red meat for white for a lean alternative. Before cooking, take the skin off chicken to reduce fats and calories.
    • Another good healthy swap is opting for a hot dog over a cheeseburger – at just 300 calories, a hot dog topped with low-cal toppings is better for you than you’d think.
    • If you want to indulge in red meat, use the leanest cuts and be sure to trim any visible fat before cooking. This can save you hundreds of calories and dozens of grams of fat.

Giving the gift of health is the perfect way to show you care. With QardioArm’s Friends & Family function you can support your Dad on his journey to a healthy heart no matter where you are. With features such as automatic data sharing, reminders, and a choice of seven brilliant colors you can both get peace of mind while he cares for his heart health in style. 

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