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5 reasons to monitor your health at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies to monitor your health at home. Nowadays, governments and health professionals’ advice relies on staying at home to avoid spreading the virus while vaccines are developed and supplied. Multiple studies held over the last decade have shown people who monitor their health at home improve their heart health, making this practice a statistically-proven success.

1. Improves your overall outcomes

A study held by a primary care practice in Riverside, California, showed that people who monitor their heart health at home decreased their systolic blood pressure by 13 points. On the other hand, by following this practice, 71% of participants lost on average 4% of their weight, and 95% lowered their blood pressure.

2. Real-time results, from the safety of your home

In 2020, we surveyed over 5,600 Qardio users to discover their opinion on monitoring their health at home
during the pandemic. The results showed that 70% of participants believed monitoring their heart health at home was “very” and “extremely” important since COVID-19. On the other hand, 93% shared that they felt safer having a blood pressure monitor at home.

3. Proven results on reducing hypertension

In 2015, a study on hypertension patients was held to determine the effectiveness of monitoring patients’ health at home. The study revealed that participants over 55 years old who monitored their health at home showed significant improvements in their systolic blood pressure compared to those who did not follow this practice.

4. Saves you time and money

Visiting the doctor’s office can be an investment in time and money. Calling to make an appointment, going to the medical center, waiting for the doctor, and going back home are some of the main steps you must follow. While monitoring your heart at home you reduce travel costs and time and allows you to get results instantly.

5. The future of health is here

A Qardio survey revealed that 87% of care providers will be switching to remote monitoring devices and telehealth. But more importantly, over 95% stated that they would be encouraging more patients to remotely monitor their health at home. 

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