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Personalized patient healthcare and extra revenues with QardioMD

Over the years, Dr. Weinberg, Chief of the Hypertension Division at Roger Williams Medical Center, has performed extensive laboratory and clinical research in the control of blood pressure and the mechanism of action of anti-hypertensive agents. He needed a solution that allowed for continuous blood pressure monitoring to be integrated into his practice to optimize the delivery of his patient care. He opted for Qardio: “I had previous experience with different platforms, and to me, Qardio is a very easy to use and well designed product.”

Personalized healthcare for patients

In Dr. Weinberg’s view, it’s possible to utilize the continuous data from the Qardio devices in order to personalize treatment for the patient’s needs:  “With the extensive information obtained from the QardioArm, as well as the measurements from the QardioBase2, I am able design a full patient experience and have sufficient data to identify which medicines will work more advantageously for the individual, based on the mechanism of action of the antihypertensive drugs given the ambulatory blood pressures and weights obtained on Qardio.” Dr. Weinberg feels that the patients also benefit from having their doctor monitor their health, as it makes them feel more at ease: “It makes me more efficient and it’s a much better way for me to utilize my time. Patients like to know that I’m monitoring them. I definitely feel closer to my patients, as now, instead of calling all the time, we have access to their data and I can review their medicine change over the last five days.”

“Through the pre-medicated, calculative measurements Qardio provides, I can get a better picture that definitely prevents heart attacks, accelerated high blood pressure with kidney failure, strokes, transient ischaemic attacks (TIA) and angina.”

Monthly billing made easy without errors

In addition to streamlining and improving the quality of health care delivery in the out patient setting, Dr. Weinberg’s practice has benefitted from remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) reimbursements using the innovative time tracking programs designed by QardioMD: “The platform’s billing feature is exceptionally easy to utilize. Instead of having to record management times using different data management programs, QardioMD’s automatic time tracking makes billing easier. In addition, it allows me to separate billing for CCM and RPM carefully, preventing potentially catastrophic duplications in time management. Consequently, having easy separation of CCM and RPM, protects the physician from an unnecessary audit error. Furthermore, this generated income stream is a “Value Added Benefit” of QardioMD, which allows the practitioner to do a better job and, at the same time, supports the management of billing. I would recommend it for practitioners with both large and small practices.”

Using Qardio measurements allows for early prevention of heart issues

As a blood pressure specialist, Dr. Weinberg focuses on finding the best way to treat patients’ blood pressure: “It’s important to be smart, patient and know how aggressively to treat. Having patients use the QardioArm allows me to lower their blood pressure patiently, at the optimal rate for the individual.” In addition, Dr. Weinberg finds that being able to set parameters for patient prioritization allows him to make sure every patient is taken care of: “I can make sure that nobody is forgotten and that everything is done properly.” Moreover, when trialling a new remote device, Dr. Weinberg always makes sure that it is medically accurate and reliable enough to provide to patients: “We review the QardioArm every six months for accuracy, and I’ve not seen any scatter with the readings, so we’ve been really pleased with it.”

Telehealth is evolving rapidly

With over thirty years’ experience, Dr. Weinberg has witnessed the evolution of Telehealth and remote monitoring: “Over the last thirty-five years, I’ve witnessed the birth of ambulatory monitoring and its growth into now digital monitors. The evolving strategies and design of Telehealth and the use of home medical equipment are advancing telemedicine beyond what we imagined. In my opinion, it’s already so much improved now that we can utilize searchable database fields where the equipment feeds electronically, like Qardio.”


Dr. Marc Weinberg, Marc Weinberg M.D. Personal Healthcare

Dr. Marc Weinberg, M.D. is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Boston University Medicine School and also chief of the Nephrology / Hypertension Division at Roger Williams Medical Center, an affiliated teaching hospital. With thirty-five years of experience in academic and clinical medicine, Dr. Weinberg also runs his own practice, Marc Weinberg M.D. Personal Healthcare, in Rhode Island.

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