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Top 3 things to consider when choosing chronic care management (CCM) solution

Chronic Care Management services have been on the rise in popularity since the first CPT code 99490 was introduced in January 2015, offering doctors reimbursement for non-face-to-face care provided to their chronic patients. And with more codes added since, many doctors are weighing up their options when it comes to choosing tools that would allow them to provide such care most efficiently. Whether you are thinking about starting a new CCM program or would like to upgrade your existing one, there are a few important criteria doctor’s should evaluate carefully before choosing their CCM solution.

CCM solution must keep patients engaged
Effective and successful CCM solutions keep patient engaged so they participate in the program long term and give themselves a chance to engage in their health effectively and see improved health outcomes. This is also important to clinics that want to bill for such CCM services successfully as all CCM codes can be billed monthly but require a minimum time each month spent on performing such care.

CCM solution must be easy to implement and run for both patients and clinical staff
Relevant to the point above, if it’s difficult for patients to participate in a CCM program they are less likely to stay enrolled long term. Equally, if it’s difficult for doctors and their clinical staff to implement, run and scale a CCM program, they are less likely to succeed in engaging patients and meeting the time requirements month after month. So when selecting a CCM tool, consider the level of automation and support, scalability and ease of use, rather than price alone as those are the factors that dictate the ratio between enrolled patients and staff resources and ultimately affect the total reimbursement available to your practice.

CCM solution that has proven results
CCM is about offering better care and driving improved patients outcomes by increasing efficiency of your practice. So when evaluating vendors, look for solutions with proven success and clear evidence of patient and staff satisfaction. Ask for a demo to see how easy or difficult it is to implement such a solution to ensure your staff can learn quickly. The ideal platform doesn’t require a lot of training and should be intuitive to use. Equally important is to verify patient’s satisfaction levels, feedback and evidence of health outcomes.

Qardio offers a convenient, fast to learn and run CCM and remote patient care platform that simplifies patient and staff tools under one brand umbrella. Our research study found the Qardio hypertension program four times more effective than the standard achievable results and our large user survey proves Qardio device users love and measure their vitals with unprecedented high compliance.

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