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Why you’ll love QardioBase for your pregnancy

Questions about managing weight during and after pregnancy are often on top of every expecting mom’s mind. And although the opinion on the right amount of weight gain during pregnancy varies, there is no doubt that keeping an eye on your progress and tracking your numbers during this special time can prevent health complications and get you back in shape faster.

That’s why QardioBase, our smart scale, and body analyzer is the perfect companion for any mom-to-be interested in tracking her weight during pregnancy safely and reaching her post-baby weight goal quicker. This smart scale for your pregnancy will help you stay healthy, benefiting you and your baby. Learn about the unique and innovative QardioBase features you will love here.

Pregnancy mode  

QardioBase is the only smart scale that offers this unique mode, which allows expecting moms to safely track their week-by-week weight development and add photos to each measurement for visual feedback. Select the PREGNANCY MODE in your Qardio App, mark your conception date and match the growing weight numbers to your expanding waistline. Pin pictures of your bump or those of your baby scan and track the exciting nine-month journey with joy. 

Full body composition 

Weight is just a number, and once you are ready to get your pre-pregnancy shape back, QardioBase can give you a more detailed picture of your post-baby body. With its full body composition analysis, QardioBase tells you what your current muscle mass is, how much water you gained, plus your bone and fat percentage. So when you do start losing weight, you know exactly if you’re burning fat or just losing water.

Set goals 

Once ready, you can set a weight goal in your Qardio App and the time to achieve it – and QardioBase calculates your weekly target and tracks your progress. And may we recommend using it along with our innovative Smart Feedback? It’s a whole new way to get encouraged on the way and not to worry about the occasional treats and cheats you so deserve!

Smart feedback mode 

Once your baby arrives, QardioBase is the most encouraging, polite scale to guide you back to your pre-baby weight – with its unique SMART FEEDBACK. Getting back in shape can be often frustrating, with sleepless nights and busy days and everything in between. So why should you worry about your weight fluctuation when you really only want to know you are on the right track? This is where QardioBase can help: set a weight goal and select SMART FEEDBACK. From then on, QardioBase tracks your progress towards your pre-set goal by replacing numbers with smileys. No numbers, no stress!

Truly personal for the whole family 

QardioBase can be used by the entire family. What’s more, it cleverly recognizes each user automatically. So get greeted with a smile and your name for the perfect way to start your day. QardioBase also works in the preferred mode of each user, making it easy for you to use pregnancy mode even if you share the scale with your loved one. They don’t call it a smart scale for anything!

Smartwatch integration 

With QardioBase, checking on your health is as easy as checking the time. The QardioBase works with iOS, Kindle, and Android devices, and the free Qardio App is available on both Apple Watch and Android Wear. Time to check the bump!

QardioBase is the wireless smart scale and body analyzer that combines intelligent features, ease of use, and sleek design to make weight and health management an integral part of your life while being pregnant – and to help you to shape up faster and stress-free after your baby arrives!

Wireless smart scale.
For moms and moms to be.
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