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“Remote monitoring is pretty critical right now, if people want to stay safe at home.” Mouli, Boston

“I went to military school so have always been athletic, I’ve run countless marathons, I love the outdoors and am generally a very healthy person. However I have just got onto the wrong side of 50 and my family has a history of high blood pressure on my mother’s side. I run a small company which is stressful but is also a great source of joy for me.  

I went for my annual physical, and my blood pressure was extremely high. Consequently, the news hit me very hard. My doctor put me on medication and undeterred, I resolved to meet this challenge head-on and lower my blood pressure. QardioArm was the perfect partner for this mission. 

QardioArm gives me data that allows me to monitor my health better, and track how my different decisions are actually improving my health. I’m eating better, sleeping better and running more. Remote monitoring with my QardioArm, provides me with positive feedback that my body is actually responding to these health changes. If I don’t sleep well I can see the impact this has on my blood pressure the next day. The instant feedback is just tremendous. Next month I’ll be off my medication so it will be very interesting to see how this impacts my heart health. 

The industrial design, overall ease of use and intuitive UI are absolutely excellent. The compact size means I can throw it in my backpack when I leave the house and need to travel. Moreover the ability to easily share the information with my medical professionals and my family increases my motivation and reinforces the accountability of my actions. My nurse practitioner is particularly happy with the weekly updates I provide her. She uses the data to help determine my medication needs.

At a similar time, my bathroom scale broke, and I was looking for a Wi-Fi scale that measures body composition to help me further on my health mission. I got theQardioBase 2.Having a daily check in with my body helps drive me to reach my goal. I like the smiley faces, and when it winks at me. Plus I really like the circular design, it’s very sleek.

Remote monitoring is pretty critical right now, if people want to stay safe at home, having an accurate set of data is so important. QardioArm has changed my life – it has provided influential data that gives me better long term health.

I was supposed to run The Boston Marathon which has now been postponed to September 14th and my goal is to run a personal best. My goal is to track my health using my QardioArm and QardioBase 2 over the next 21 weeks. Seeing both the physical and emotional progress is really important for me.  It is early, but so far my blood pressure is down significantly and I owe a large part of that success to Qardio. Qardio has provided influential data that gives me better long term health.”

– Mouli, Boston

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