How QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor saved my life

How QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor saved my life

Melinda McCormick from Minnetonka, Minnesota shared her inspiring story with us about how QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor helped saved her life. Read why she loves her QardioArm and how having a handy way to check on blood pressure numbers is important.

QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor I wanted a BP monitor from this century
Melinda was traveling and forgot her blood pressure monitor at home. She first looked in the drugstores for a replacement but found them too expensive. She then decided to look online.

“I wanted to see if there were any new techy devices out there on the market in this century and came across QardioArm – your BP monitor that links to a smartphone. I ordered it and was so excited!”

QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor - WHO chartI love the portability and automatic data recording   
I used it right away when it arrived and loved everything about the monitor! The portable size, the information, the no more writing down numbers and a chart that displays information about my reading. I love the graph – it helps me better understand where my blood pressure has been over the past month.”

The free Qardio App makes blood pressure management quick and easy as the readings are automatically synced after each measurement. Each reading can be attached to a location so you can better understand how your heart behaves in different places and reflects the changes in your lifestyle. Plus, for those who are not sure if their values are out of range, Qardio App uses a color coded chart to let you know if you are in the healthy range or not. Qardio App lets you set reminders, track irregular heartbeat and even perform triple measurement averaging for a more accurate reading with the tap of button.

Share QardioArrm smart blood pressure monitorI can share my QardioArm with others

QardioArm can be paired with up to eight smartphones or tablets at any given time so your spouse or friend can use it with their own app automatically too. What’s more, you can also share your data easily, either via email or the in-app function that does the sharing for you automatically each time you take a reading.

“I value the feature that lets you share your numbers and history with a family member, your doctor and all the information of your history is saved in the Qardio App. I also love the fact that my spouse can use my device in visitor mode without messing up their information amongst my history of numbers!”

QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor readingQardioArm and my handy BP history saved my life!  
QardioArm makes it easy to create your blood pressure journal to spot changes and act fast.

“QardioArm blood pressure monitor actually saved my life. I was going through my day, and before lunch felt really faint, confused and dizzy. I crawled to get my QardioArm and took two quick readings and could see I dropped in BP as I called my husband to help me. He called 911 and when the paramedics arrived I pointed to my iPhone. I could hear them but had trouble trying to speak. I heard my BP being read to another ambulance person and I was taken right away by ambulance to the hospital. I had an IV drip of saline and felt better. I was able to show them my BP readings by scrolling the history of my readings and showed them the low sudden drop which happened about 20 minutes after taking my new BP medication. If I did not have my readings provided by QardioArm on my phone (you can’t make those numbers up!) they would have thought I was just imagining the drop I truly felt.

God bless you for creating a useful, simple to use and easy to understand blood pressure monitor!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Melinda – we are glad you are feeling better now. We love receiving feedback from our users and stories like yours are the ones that keep us motivated to bring better, smarter solutions to users and doctors around the world!

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Last updated: June 28, 2017

How QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor saved my life
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How QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor saved my life