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QardioArm blood pressure app features our users love!

If you have to manage your blood pressure, you have probably tried and tested a lot of different monitors on the market and even consider yourself a bit of an expert on how the traditional blood pressure monitors work. But how about a smart BP monitor and blood pressure app? If you have suffered through the wires and cords, could never find a way to make your heart health an easy routine, and have always shown up at your doctor’s office without knowing how your blood pressure behaves at home, it’s time to see how a smart blood pressure monitor can change all of that. 

We’ve asked our QardioArm wireless blood pressure users to share their favorite features of the Qardio blood pressure app and monitor. Read on to learn why our users measure their blood pressure three times more frequently than other blood pressure monitor owners and why a smart blood pressure monitor with an app might just be the best way to manage your health! 

Blood pressure monitoring made easy

QardioArm is an upper arm medical wireless blood pressure monitor that connects to the free Qardio blood pressure app on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch via Bluetooth. The simple design allows for easy use and monitoring of your blood pressure and heart rate. 

A one-step setup

QardioArm works wirelessly with the free Qardio blood pressure app, whose functionality is enhanced with useful and unique features. Download the Qardio App to your iOS, Android, or Kindle device and simply touch your smartphone or tablet to your QardioArm for a one-step setup. It is that easy!

blood pressure app - easy to use

Accuracy gives our users peace of mind

QardioArm has been fully certified as a medical-grade BP monitor with regulatory approval in each country where we sell our products. Accuracy is our top priority, so our users and their doctors can trust the readings.

QardioArm measures not only systolic and diastolic blood pressure, but also your heart rate and detects and records heartbeat irregularities during your measurement. QardioArm is accurate to +/- 3mmHs or 2% of the readout value for blood pressure and +/- 5% of the readout value for heart rate.

blood pressure app -accuracy

Take a triple measurement averaging

The blood pressure app can also be set up to automatically take up to three measurements in a row, providing you with the average of the readings, which is considered a more accurate result. 

Qardio App explains your results

QardioArm automatically pins each measurement in the blood pressure app on the color-coded World Health Organization chart for you to easily understand your results. So if you don’t know what the numbers mean, the blood pressure app will analyze your blood pressure measurement for you by placing it in a labeled green, yellow, or red section for simple visual feedback. 

Tracking irregularities to detect potential arrhythmias

While using QardioArm, the blood pressure app will show irregular heartbeats that have been detected and keep a history of any occurrences. QardioArm is the only blood pressure monitor to track heart rate irregularities in the blood pressure app.  

blood pressure app - records history

Irregular heartbeats can signal further heart problems such as the presence of atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias, so keeping an eye on your heartbeat patterns and notifying your doctor of any irregularities is extremely important.

Measure your BP on the go

The user-friendly design of QardioArm allows you to monitor your blood pressure on the go using the blood pressure app anytime, anywhere.

With the unique PLACES function, the blood pressure app can geo-track readings and pin each reading to a location so you can see how lifestyle changes impact your heart health. Since blood pressure changes throughout the day, the PLACES feature helps our users and their doctors understand what impacts their blood pressure measurements over time. 

View your own photos while taking a reading

Watch your own photo slideshow while taking a BP measurement and relax for clearer reading. This feature helps our users stay calm during their reading, turning blood pressure time into an enjoyable moment. 

Never forget a reading

It can be hard to remember to check your blood pressure and measure at consistent times – unless you have QardioArm. The REMINDERS feature is greatly appreciated by many users, taking the effort out of keeping to your measurement schedule. You can select multiple reminders for different times and days so you never miss a measurement.

blood pressure app - get reminders

Share data with friends and family

With the unique FRIENDS & FAMILY feature, you can automatically share your BP and heart rate measurements with loved ones. You can also choose to accept your friends’ and family’s invitations to follow their own measurements in real-time, all you need is their name and email.

QardioArm can also be paired with up to eight smartphones or tablets at any given time, making it easy to share the device with others. Furthermore, there is a visitor feature that allows you to take a measurement that will not interfere with your blood pressure history. 

Spend less time at the doctor’s office

Qardio devices enable your doctor to monitor your heart health between office visits. You can send your blood pressure and heart rate data history to your physician easily through the blood pressure app.

blood pressure app - email results to your doctor

QardioArm is the easy-to-use, portable, compact, and clinically-validated wireless blood pressure monitor that makes checking blood pressure easy and enjoyable. Monitor your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home, or bring it with you on the go. There are many features that allow your loved ones to know you are monitoring your blood pressure levels, and it saves you time and money on doctor’s appointments.

Try QardioArm risk-free for up to 60 days. Keep it if you love it, get your money back if you don’t. No questions asked.

Wireless blood pressure monitor.
Track you heart the smart way.
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