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Qardio releases the Cellular Smart Scale: The Effortless Solution for Tracking your Weight

The Qardio Cellular Smart Scale has revolutionized how we monitor our health. This advanced smart scale provides patients with a comprehensive and highly precise analysis of their weight.

What sets this smart scale apart is its built-in cellular connectivity. Patients no longer need to rely on Wi-Fi connectivity or smartphone pairing to transmit results to their physicians. The connectivity happens automatically through a built-in cellular connection. When a patient steps on the scale, it automatically turns on, performs a suite of measurements and transmits the data to the patient’s physician.

The Qardio Cellular Smart Scale also has a new design that blends seamlessly with any modern aesthetic. Its sleek and minimalist appearance makes it an attractive addition to any bathroom or bedroom.

For more information on the Qardio Cellular Smart Scale and our other professional, smart medical devices, visit here.

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