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Pregnancy lifestyle swaps

Congratulations, you are growing a new life! Pregnancy is a truly special time in a woman’s life, full of emotions and excitement. And now that you’re caring for two hearts, it’s time to consider some lifestyle adjustments to help your baby get the best start in life.

With a few key lifestyle swaps, you can give your little one the best chance of a healthy start.

Switch our high impact exercise with swimming
Many women worry about the risks of exercising during pregnancy, and many stop all together. However, staying fit during this time is safe – and important. It’s usually OK to continue with sports that are already part of your daily routine – so simply replace intense cardio or other high impact exercise with more relaxing ones such as swimming or brisk walking. This will help you reap the benefits of staying active after your baby arrives. Always consult your doctor when trying a new exercise during pregnancy.

Back pain
Many women suffer from swelling and back pain as they get closer to their due date, so take it easy and swap those high heels for some pretty ballerinas that will put less pressure on your feet.

If you experience swelling before your 8th month, start measuring your blood pressure regularly and consult with your doctor. Many women are at risk of developing pre-eclampsia, a serious condition related to elevated BP levels. QardioArm can help you put your mind at rest – get it in your favorite color and get measuring!

Eat vitamins instead of M&M’s!
It’s time you get serious about your health – because now, it’s not just you who needs nutrients and minerals. If you haven’t done so already, you should start improving your dietary habits and consider adding Omega 3 and Folic Acid supplements to your diet. These are known for their brain function boost.

Start relaxing and let go of your chores
Some everyday tasks are no longer safe when you are pregnant. For example, using cleaning chemicals, changing your pet’s litter box or climbing ladders are just a few things that can put you and your baby in danger. So, leave it to your partner and take a few minutes for yourself instead – you’ll need your strength when your little bundle of joy makes his or her appearance!

Reduce unhealthy habits
If you haven’t already, you should drastically reduce any unhealthy habits you maintained pre-pregnancy and make an effort to improve your diet. So switch out Fast Food with a healthy diet. There’s no reason to double up your portions just because you are expecting. While you’re eating healthy, it’s worth noting that some foods, such as raw fish and certain vegetables might impose a health risk if they are consumed uncooked.

Read pregnancy related books
It’s worth investing in some pregnancy books to learn more about your new “mommy-to-be” status, so swap them out with fashion magazines. Not only do they offer great advice and health tips, many of them also feature week-by-week baby development charts so you know what’s happening inside of your growing belly.

Cut down on caffeine
Most medical professionals highly recommend that you cut down on caffeine during your pregnancy. If you’re missing that caffeine kick, there are some great alternatives, such as raspberry leaf tea. Raspberry leaf is recommended in the final weeks of pregnancy as it softens your cervical tissues – making giving birth easier.

Keep track of your weight
Keeping an eye on your weight gain during pregnancy will not only help you stay within a healthy range, but will also help you get back in shape quickly after your baby is born. QardioBase offers a special PREGNANCY mode, which tracks your progress for you.

Pregnancy massage
No more spa lounging, go for a pregnancy massage instead. Some spa treatments, essential oils and saunas are dangerous during pregnancy – as are traditional massage techniques. To relieve back pain and soothe sore feet, find a certified massage therapist who specializes in pregnancy treatments.

Use sunscreen
Swap out that sun tan of yours with plenty of sunscreen! Being pregnant makes your skin more sensitive to the sunlight, so you’re more prone to suffering from sunburn or developing dark spots on your skin. Switch to specialized pregnancy skin care that incorporates UV protection, or try and avoid sun exposure altogether. Heat will affect you much more as your body is at a higher temperature already.

Travel safe
It’s usually OK to travel during the early stages of pregnancy, and most airlines will allow you to as long as you’re less than 36 weeks pregnant (or before week 32 if you’re pregnant with twins). If you decide to fly, you should take a few precautions to make sure you are traveling safely.

The best time to travel is during your second trimester, when morning sickness has subsided and you are not too big to be uncomfortable. Ensure you drink plenty of water, wear compressive socks to reduce your risk of developing blood clots and pick an aisle seat so it’s easy for you to get to the bathroom and move around.

Stay in
Switch out your nights out with nights in. It’s important to get plenty of sleep before the baby comes – your body is working really hard, and there will be many sleepless nights once your little angel arrives. Swap your party dresses for PJs and take the time to really enjoy your growing bump. It’s a great idea to get your partner involved as well, so you can both get to know that little miracle inside of you – babies can hear voices while in the belly and will recognize them once in your arms.

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