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Why Megan thinks QardioArm is a must-have!

When we hear an inspiring story about people who use Qardio devices to get healthier and happier, we love to share the news! Megan H. from Florida has been using QardioArm to check her blood pressure, and she loves it!

Read Megan’s experience:

“When I first met with my doctor he asked me to take my blood pressure twice a day. I had an old machine which I had to pump. Big and very clumsy. The readings were not consistent and it took up too much room when traveling. I did some research on the internet looking for some new technology. I was excited to learn about QardioArm.

It pairs with my smart phone so easily with Bluetooth, learning about it was a breeze, it has great easy instructions for anyone. I love that this does all the work for you. It takes the reading, documents the reading and you can print or email all your readings to your doctor. I love the graphs (daily view) to give you a visual representation. The list of all the readings is also color coded for optimal, normal, high normal, grade 1 hypertension, grade 2 hypertension and grade 3 hypertension.

This machine does all the work with just one touch, as well as let’s me make notes on each reading. I use the location feature PLACES as well. This is a must have for all ages. I used visitor mode and showed my dad who is 88 and he was blown away at how easy it was so now he has one as well. The app is wonderful as well as the support. Don’t question yourself on this purchase it’s a must-have!!!

QardioArm is awesome! Fast, fits in my purse, logs every time I take a reading, plus I can e mail it to my doctor! ❤️ ”

We designed QardioArm to make blood pressure management quick, easy, and fun – the way it should be! Start taking control of your heart health, just like Megan, with QardioArm and get an accurate reading anytime, anywhere with a touch of a button.

We would love to listen about your experience with Qardio devices as well, email us to

Smart blood pressure monitor.
Designed to fit your lifestyle.
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