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How to control your blood pressure

If you have been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, keeping it under control and lowering it is vital to staying healthy. Making healthier choices, knowing one’s BP numbers and maintaining a healthy lifestyle recommended by your doctor are some of the ways to treat hypertension. Below are five steps to help you get started in the right direction.

Consult with your doctor
Before starting any new regimen, check with a doctor first for recommendations on how to lower blood pressure safely. Everyone’s health is different and it’s important to choose the right plan to avoid side effects and complications.

Take your medication
If you were prescribed a medication to lower your blood pressure, make sure to follow the recommended treatment plan and take the right dosage at the prescribed times. If you have skipped a dose, contact your doctor for advice on what to do. Do not double your dosage the next time you take your medication unless you were advised by your doctor to do so. Otherwise your blood pressure might drop too low.

Measure your blood pressure often
Measuring blood pressure regularly is part of a healthy routine, but if you were diagnosed with high blood pressure and especially if you are taking medication to manage it, checking your blood pressure frequently is a must. QardioArm, our smart blood pressure monitor, makes this easy! Just set up reminders in the free Qardio App to take a reading and you can also add a note about your medication or how you are feeling. QardioArm makes it easy to email your results to the doctor so you can save yourself a trip to his office for a routine BP check or a new prescription.

Know all your numbers
Make sure you know other health indicators such as cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index (BMI) numbers as these are key indicators of one’s health status and risk for serious illnesses. Having these numbers on hand gives more context to your health so you can take proactive steps to improve your heart health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Accompany the QardioArm with QardioBase, our smart scale and body analyzer to make tracking weight, body mass index (BMI) and full body composition effortless!

Make healthy lifestyle changes
Anyone can make simple lifestyle changes that can help improve their health. Maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, reducing sodium intake, being more active and limiting alcohol intake are some of the best ways to look after your body and health. On average, try to allot 40 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week, strive for a body mass between 18.5 and 24.9 and limit your alcoholic drinks to 1-2 a day.

Don’t wait to head to a doctor’s office to check your blood pressure, monitor it regularly at home. By taking blood pressure readings at home, you measure in a consistent way and avoid the common white coat syndrome at the doctor’s office that causes a temporary spike in blood pressure levels. QardioArm is a great tool that automatically stores measurements on the free Qardio App, tracks your BP and heart rate over time and can send the data directly to a doctor.

QardioArm reinvents blood pressure monitoring making it easy to track heart health every day and share one’s progress. Learn more about smart blood pressure monitoring with QardioArm.


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