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Lose weight with Qardio’s smart scale like John

We recently heard from a Qardio user, John Flie Jr., on how he is using Qardio’s digital health products to lose weight – 150 lbs and counting! He is on an incredible journey to becoming fit, happier, and healthier. 

John has been battling extra weight since childhood and despite many attempts, he hasn’t managed to reach his health goal. That all changed when he learned about Qardio and how our products take a different approach to user motivation and engagement.

Beginning of my weight loss journey

“Since 2015 I have lost more than 150 lbs. In 2016 I started working out and running. I was overweight as a kid and while growing up, and I got sick and tired of it, and decided to lose weight.”

Using QardioBase, our connected scale, and body analyzer, and QardioArm, our smart blood pressure monitor, he was able to lose over 150 pounds in the last two years and lowered his blood pressure back to healthy levels. Understanding his heart behavior better and being able to consult with his doctor more frequently, John has become aware of how his daily lifestyle choices affect his health.

QardioArm lowered my blood pressure

“Since I received my QardioArm blood pressure monitor, I have been taking my measurements with ease and following my doctor’s orders. I can email him the results straight away from the companion Qardio App.

Within days I was able to tailor the time to take my blood pressure medication and look at the results I haven’t seen in years!“

Weight and blood pressure often go hand in hand, as one goes up, so does the other. The key to lowering both is to eat healthily and commit to an exercise regimen, which is exactly what John did.

Smart scale’s many features

“QardioBase has especially helped me lose weight, with the smarts scale’s many useful features and full body composition overview. The first thing I learned when using my QardioBase was how going off my clean eating [diet] of unprocessed food, even just for one day, affects my BMI, weight, and fat percentage. There is really no cheating if you want to live healthily and eat clean.”

QardioBase is the perfect scale even for those who hate scales. Don’t like the numbers? No problem! Switch to SMART FEEDBACK and replace numbers with smileys. Chart your progress and improve your daily habits to reach your goal.


“The picture to the left was the beginning of my QardioBase journey, and the right one is taken recently. I have now lost over 150 lbs and the scale lets me know I have more work to do! I also went ahead and preordered QardioCore, I can’t wait! Thank you for great, easy to use and useful products!” 

Lose Weight with Body Fat Percentage QardioBase
Congratulations on your amazing weight loss and overall health, John! Thank you for sharing your story. We are happy to know Qardio products have helped you towards becoming a healthier version of yourself and are looking forward to following your journey. Keep up the good work!

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