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How QardioDirect can help monitor your patients amidst healthcare disruptions

According to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), there has been a recent rise in heart-related deaths due to fewer face-to-face GP appointments, inaccessible care, and long waiting times for surgery. These are some of the few disruptions patients face within the NHS, specifically heart care services in the UK. 

As securing appointments has become more challenging, accessing ECG EKG monitors on an individual level is essential for primary care physicians to keep track of their patient’s readings from afar. 

QardioCore is a wireless continuous ECG monitor which also monitors heart rate and heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate, and activity tracking. The advantage QardioCore has over any other ECG EKG monitor is that it is self-fit, meaning no wires, patches, or skin preparation is needed. These features lead to high patient satisfaction. 

“Being able to set up a clinically validated ECG test in seconds and review the data in QardioMD remotely in real-time has been a true game-changer in Holter monitoring.” 

– Dr. Craig Barr, Cardiologist

Users can also share the data with their primary physicians to keep you informed about their health. The QardioCore can work directly with our QardioDirect interface, a fully integrated remote monitoring and telehealth service that enables you to deliver remote, continuous, value-based care efficiently. Our products ensure that you can give your patients the care they need anytime, even in the comfort of their own homes. 

Schedule a demo to see how you can ensure your patients are appropriately cared for. 

Source: BBC News, November 2022

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