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Get Specialty Care to help Manage Your Hypertension & Other Chronic Conditions

Qardio is thrilled to announce its partnership with Side Health, a leading provider of remote clinical monitoring and virtual wellness services in the United States. This collaboration aims to enhance our customers’ healthcare experience by offering remote monitoring services for hypertension, managing diabetes, obesity, COPD, and other chronic health conditions.
Side Health seamlessly integrates with your primary care provider to ensure a coordinated approach to your health by closely monitoring your health conditions and delivering customized care plans for every individual.

Additionally, Side Health is in-network with a wide range of insurance plans, including Medicare, to ensure accessibility for all. Patients who participated in Side Health’s hypertension program reported a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure by 7.8 points and an improvement in diastolic blood pressure by 5.6 points.

Together with Side Health, Qardio is dedicated to empowering you with proactive, high-quality healthcare tailored to your unique needs.

To join our health journey and unlock the combined benefits of Qardio and Side Health click HERE.

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